Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Secret Agent Strippers

"Arab-Americans rejoiced Monday over the crowning of raven-haired beauty Rima Fakih, a 24-year-old Lebanese immigrant from Michigan, calling it a victory for diversity in the United States, especially at a time when Arabs suffer from negative stereotypes in this country — and anti-immigrant sentiment is in the news."

How Sweet!

Rima's dossier looks great -- super hottie princess fleeing the heck out of Hiz'B'Alland as a babe (literally, ya'll), growing up in Great Satan, growing fully crunk and disorderly and hooking up a less rowdy, laid back PBUH in coexistence with Xianity.

Bend Sinister?

"...Just like the 9/11 hijackers drank alcohol at the Pink Pony and gambled in Vegas–both no-nos..." in m'hammedism -- secret agents are allowed " engage in taqiyyah [deception of the infidels to further the cause of Islam/jihad]..."

Are terrorist rocket rich rejectionists, led by their overtly girthy Body Part Collector General are doing their best Byzantium inveigling?

Deploying deceit with the ancient concept of laffy taffy (the old tricks are the best tricks, nicht war? ) in the new millennial era of xforming the world into multiple nation states of hoochies, players. pimps and hoes.

Pic "This victory is a reaffirmation that America is America, the land of the brave and the land of opportunity. Rima now can be a role model for all our young people."


Anna Schafer said...

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