Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Hiz'B'Allah Moderates"

Recent events in Great Satan's Nat'l Sec cats world are amazing and a bit alarming.

Aside from corrupt moral revisionists comparing Great Satan's rowdy borderlanders like AZ to murderously intolerant totalitarian collectivist killers like Red China, an incredibly uninformed statement stands out like a thong at Church:

"Hiz'B'Allah moderates"

As best understood, these inappropriate mental meanderings trek along the line of an attempted xformation of HBA from within - to something unlike a terrorist organization and conferring a real legitness - to the mod elements.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? While it's true there is no state on state declaration of war betwixt Hiz'B'Allah and Great Satan - alas - no risible one liners about sucking up to 'moderate' Ss Totenkopf 3rd Reichers during WWII time are apropos - a bit of reflection should leap to mind.

Hiz'B'Allah's entire raison d'etre' is - it was created to run Little Satan out of Lebanon eons ago. An Iranian fed and funded 'Resistance Auxiliary' that could project force and pressure in Persia's Near Abroad.

Thing is - since Little Satan unassed Lebanon's 'Blue Line' way back at the dawn of the New Millennium - Hiz'B'Allah has been way more adept at 'resisting' the legit gov of Lebanon than rocking up 'Divine Victories.'

And it's no clerical error that puts rocket rich rejectionists (led by the overtly robust Body Part Collector General) on Great Satan's Official Enemies list.

Hiz'B'Allah were the most proficient killers and serial tormentors of Americans throughout Cold War history til 911 time. Hiz'B'Allah owes Great Satan a blood debt that has no statute of limitations.

And it's not all ancient "Flock of Seagulls Era" concern either.

Hiz'B'Allah trained choice Mookie's Mahdi minions in Lebanon beginning in 2005. "Brother Commander" Mugahniyah himself hung in Iraq overseeing deployment, tactical considerations and advanced training.

Any American casualty in Iraq since then could very well be courtesy of Hiz'B'Allah.

So in sense - yes - Great Satan should be clamouring to see these 'Hiz'B'Allah moderates"

With flies walking on their eyeballs.

Pic "Great Satan loves Hiz'B'Allah! They taste like chicken" with Megan