Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mob Rules

Since 44's admin hit town - the quiz is:

"Why the reluctance to state the obvious truth?"

After all, Captain Obvious and the Limits of Cool should have alerted the 'Nation of Cowards cat' (with the worst m'stache ever) that things were off the hook with 'that which must not be named.'

"...Holder is not the only one who wants to shield us from this obvious truth. New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, questioned about the bomber’s motives before Shahzad was identified and caught, said the terrorist might have been acting out of opposition to the health-care bill. Washington Post blogger Ezra Klein said he might have become unhinged by the foreclosure of his Connecticut home.

"...Similar dignitaries have advanced similar theories. The Christmas underwear bomber, Barack Obama initially said, was an otherwise unspecified “isolated extremist.” Fort Hood killer Nidal Hasan, we were told by journalists, may have been a victim of post-traumatic-stress disorder — although he never saw combat. Back in the George W. Bush years, we were told that the gunman who started shooting at the El Al counter at LAX had just chosen his target at random, and the New York Times found nothing significant when the Mumbai killers targeted a Jewish community center.

"...Why the reluctance to state the obvious truth, that we are under attack from terrorists motivated by a radical form of Islam?

Wait for it!

It's the Howling Mob theory. Yep. Rowdy hillbilly, ghetto savvy intolerant 'Mericans attacking things what ain't right, amen.

"...Janet Napolitano’s Homeland Security Department, tasked with finding possible terrorists, set about tracking disgruntled military veterans and gun owners. Just the kind of people who turn into a Howling Mob!

"When you see a smart man like Eric Holder saying stupid things, you know something else is going on. You’re seeing a high official who regards most of us as cowards, who believes the truth could make us a Howling Mob.

Pic "The Mob Rules"


Steve Harkonnen said...

I see this avoidance on all political fronts - to properly identify terrorists as Muslims. It's as if people are scared to associated "Muslim" with "terrorist" even though we all know the association is firm enough for all of us to start profiling.

I, for one, am not only a proud profiler, but a proud defiler as well.

Peter said...

The tragedy is that if we would have just a touch of the angry mob thing we wouldn't have such a tiny minority of the population bullying the Jewish students in our Universities. Pardon me for being a pore dumb redneck but I do not understand why these clowns don't fear us as they would if our government clowns of both parties had any sense at all.

Of course, I'm the guy that thinks we made a big mistake in not hooking right through Saudi Arabia the day after we took Baghdad and then Iran right after that. We wouldn't have these problems if we weren't scared to death of an oil embargo.