Monday, May 10, 2010

Drone Wars

As best understood -- 'blowback' is not shorthand for sneezing up little white lines of you know what. Instead, 'blowback' is the equal/opposite reaction from Great Satan's enemies.

Have 'Drones Gone Wild!' made Great Satan less safe on the home front?

"Have they had the perverse consequence of driving lesser insurgencies to think of targeting Times Square and American airliners, not just Kabul and Islamabad? In short, are they inspiring more attacks on America than they prevent?"

"It is a hard question."

Not really.

Since 2006, there have been 1,159 leaders and operatives from Taleban, al Qaeda, and assorted intolerant jerks, creeps and losers killed.

And 95 civilians killed.

Long War Journal has an amazing, constantly updated study (sweetly snuggled all together on 1 page) Charting the data for Great Satan's Drone strikes in Pakistan, 2004 - 2010.

By happy happenstance it also disses the "Great Satan dines on the blood of innocents" meme that loser lobbies like "Weenie Hut Juniors" or the ex F.B. I told you so guy constantly whine about.

Essentially -- Great Satan is grinding them up and spitting them out -- their only hope for survival is a spectacular strike at the homeland. Or any strike.

Anything to grant a respite to allow in depth, intensive training to prep for Talibaning Pakistan or ISI's ancient dream of 'Strategic Depth' for that magical Götterdämmerung showdown with Hindu India

North Waziristan is impact area number one bay bee for drone strikes. Of 133 strikes since 2004, 63.0% have hit targets in North Waziristan, and 32.8% have hit targets in South Waziristan.

Which certainly adds a bit of 'get your shiz together -- lest your semi nation state's largest benefactor does it for ya" to AFPAK Mac's recent "Land of the Pure Tour"

Pic -"Drones are a cause of pleasure for the tormented people of Waziristan!" with "Ninja Babes from Space"


Anonymous said...

Great article, always are. Thank you for also giving links to other sites and their opinions. Kind of scary the level of ignorance and self delusion out there, though. Anyways, keep up the great work.

Peter said...

ad that the Pakistanis have captured Mullah Omar, they've had him for a while and the State Dept, the DOD nor the CIA knew anything about it.

Wonder what we're paying them for.