Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hyper Puissance

You know it playa!

Despite heated, repeated, easily defeated handwringing like Weenie Hut Juniors, Uncle Paddy's hissy fits or the Frenchie L'Femme style inner ethical wrestling match for a humble stumble down internat'l lane -- daemoneoconservatism --neocon'ism is still hotter than a firecracker!

"Far from being some curious isolated cult, neoconservatives are therefore an integral part of current American foreign policy debates, with realists and liberals as their main sparring partners"

"First of all, schools of thought are made of men and women, as well as institutions that support them and publications that relay their views and shape the public debate. On this count, neoconservatives are well positioned. Skilled thinkers and writers are in large supply.

"In this sense, neoconservatism is regenerating itself and keeping a balanced age pyramid. After all, its idealistic, moralistic and patriotic appeal may be better suited to attract young thinkers than the prudent and reasonable calculations of realism.

Uh, huh?

'Prudent and reasonable calculations of realism?"

Oh - well, see -- the corrupt, amoral cult of 'stability' and the status quo posse just Do. Not. Get it.

Why even tolerate actor outers, state or non state? Why not sweetly hip honk the world into the new millennium with fun and free choice?

Dilemmes d'une hyperpuissance -- Great Satan's gig in the modern world which she herself aided and created -- and which daemoneocons enjoy fixing -- rather than managing --deploy five pillars of thought to ensure Great Satan's hyper puissance in any endeavor:

Internat'lism, Primacy, Unilateralism, Militarism and Democrazy Promotion:

Lowry Institute's piece re chronicles the sexyfully crunk "Continuing Prominance" that a new wave of democrazie cats and ancient avatars are enjoying, espousing and enlightening.

Simply put:

America ain't what's wrong with the world, being powerful and unique - the only one of her kind! - is Great Satan's birthright. And just like Spider - Man "With great power comes great responsibility"

It came with the turf. Just lucky - bad or good - Great Satan racked up one heck of a military biz during the half century since WWII time Deutschland and Nippon gave up fascist and imperial ghosts and succumbed to Regime Changes.

While Europa rebuilt, recovered and rehabbed, Warsaw Pact time Russia laid out of real combat (except for losing their hide in Afghanistan) and used Soviet homies and local fanboys to do the fighting.

Not Great Satan! She was involved with combat ops nearly everywhere. Korea, Greece, Vietnam, Cambodia, Dominican Repub, El Salvador, Grenada, Lebanon, Libya, Panama, Kuwait, Somalia, Kosovo, the Balkans, Afghanistan and of course, her latest regime change - Iraq

Great Satan and her fully crunk Posse of Hot! Democrazies have "...a clear interest in the spread of democratic values, because stable and free nations do not breed the ideologies of murder."

"This does not mean that neocons want to impose democracy at the point of a gun, as their critics often charge. ‘Exporting democracy’ was never the primary goal of the Iraq invasion. But dismissing it as an expost facto justification is equally inaccurate.

"In fact, the lack of democracy was considered a key explanation for the instability of the Middle East, so it had to be addressed if America wanted to treat the disease of terrorism, proliferation and rogue states, and not just the symptoms – and it also happened to be the right thing to do in principle. "

Pic "Puissance. It's funny 'cause it true"


Lipton T. Bagg said...

All part and parcel of Mr. Obama's "Pussification of America" doctrine.

=Lipton T. Bagg

History Punk said...

After all, its idealistic, moralistic and patriotic appeal may be better suited to attract young thinkers than the prudent and reasonable calculations of realism.

Especially since many of those young "thinkers" rarely have to contribute more than snarky blog posts and small amounts of tax revenue to the cause. When you actually have to shoulder the burdens of that idealism, you reconsider things. This might explain the American soldiers demands for higher salaries and better benefit packages.

Jeff Wills said...