Thursday, May 27, 2010


Axis of Evil! When it comes to punching way above her weight class - the world's largest underground rocket factory with a nation state attached - got game!

DPRK projects malign influ, fear of military puppet gangsters and a world of hurt - NoKo is the "Hybrid Threat Phantastique!

"...Capabilities range from nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles to thousands of tanks and artillery pieces, millions of infantrymen, hundreds of aircraft (virtually all obsolete but most in working order) and a special operations command of over 100,000. In the last Korean War, northern forces engaged in guerrilla activities throughout the peninsula.

"... Pyongyang might even resort to terrorist attacks in the United States or along the supply lines from the U.S. homeland to the war zone.


A challange for Great Satan's 30 year in the future military's ability to do a hybrid threat while COINing multiple hot spots, firing up a Major Offensive and spying out CENTCOM for covert or overt combat events to engage if the need or even opportunity arise!

Collectivist China's one and only client state just split town after a quick gig to chat and get seductively chatted up

Beijing disses any jank about any hook up betwixt the super stressed peninsula and Dear Leader's Daytripping

"Two separate events"

"...There is a small — and rare — kernel of truth in the official Chinese line. It is not just the sinking of the Cheonan that has Beijing worried about what is happening inside the “Hermit Kingdom.”

"...There are a number of signs that China’s rulers are worried about the Kim regime’s stability in general and the North Korean ruler’s physical condition and mental state in particular. Informed speculation holds that the Chinese leadership wanted to see firsthand to what degree Kim is now mentally and/or physically impaired.

Sweet! China needs to be worried - after all Noko would have collapsed and reunified eons ago except for Chinese aid.

"...As long as China remains ambivalent in its reaction to North Korea's aggressive behaviour, it is demonstrating a continued interest in maintaining a divided peninsula that produces regional tension and instability. Without a clear strategy towards North Korea, we can expect more of North Korea's hostile actions.


Accepted mythology preaches China is afraid of millions of sick and starving refugees swarming en masse into the Motherland.

Dear Leader has practically guaranteed it!

Recent events have annihilated the "Sun Shine Policy" - where SoKo gave up righteous booty like foodstuffs and medical supplies, Dear Leader risks the dishonor of headlining Great Satan's Official Enemies List and 44's newly-formulated New Clear Posture would receive its first exam.

"It is not clear what kind of punishment the United States could or should inflict on the North if that regime chooses to employ nuclear weapons against us or our allies. We may well wish that the Obama Administration had not truncated deployment of the National Missile Defense system.

"Wonder what restraint the Chinese would be urging if one of their ships was sunk by a foreign rival?"


Steve Harkonnen said...

China would go apeshit holiday if it were one of their own ships and would instantly defy the UN and go about solving the problem their own way. Matter of fact, they'd have themselves a tantrum over it.

My other thoughts on this is for South Korea and the United States to make a first strike against the DPRK but make it a very punishing strike where the government is wiped out. We need to get this over with, seriously. I think we are farting around too much with "talks." For a nation that can't even feed themselves, they've got a lot of talk and I seriously doubt we'd see a lot of action from their end if they were ever ferociously attacked by us.

Yep, pretty much the same tune to what I danced to over on Facebook.

JihadGene said...

Juche Girl WOKS!!!

K said...

Noko needs a good spanking.

Peter said...

Where would the Norks get fuel for all those obsolete tanks and airplanes they have, if they wanted to move south? How long would those obsolete and semi-obsolete artillery tubes and crews survive American and South Korean counterbattery fire?

For that matter, how will the Nork infantry units maintain ant cohesiveness and unit integrity once they pass the first supermarket?

Anonymous said...

why aren't you on Twitter?