Saturday, May 8, 2010

"Considerable Temptations"

A few hot! things to consider, reconsider and think about

"When Iran gets the bomb, the nuclear club will have a crucial new feature. Without an Iranian bomb and barring regime change in Pakistan, we know that no nuclear power will transfer a device to a private army of the religious elect like Hiz'B'Allah in Lebanon.

"With an Iranian bomb, such assurance instantly ends.

Hiz'B'Allah is integral to the ruling clerical and military establishment in Iran. It has pledged itself to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, and from the perspective of Iran's leaders it is a wing of their apparatus. The party's formidable armory, fortified territory, and intelligence capability give it credibility as a base for Iranian strategic weaponry bordering Israel, in the heart of the Arab world, and half way to Europe.

"It would be entirely within character for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to establish a clandestine strategic unit in Lebanon, with nuclear devices.

"There are considerable temptations: targeting Israel without needing to use ballistic missiles; deniability (at least in the mind of Tehran); and a secret reserve outside Iran.

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Findalis said...

Considering that Syria has transferred to Hizbollah not only Scud missiles, but also Chemical warheads, a nuke would only be icing on the cake for them.