Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dirty Little Secret

Gun Powder and Beer!


Ebberdobby's got 'em!

Especially yours truly

GsGf is actually a collective of cats - 3 writers and a minion of sorts that helps with research and pics. One is a guy. It started online with the super secret neocon coven "Committee of Five"

Since GsGf has blown up beyond all recognition in the last year or so - it's time to indulge in some light shedding.

There are 4 of us The brains behind the thing is a guy actually. He's a bit older than me (Courtney) or Lauren, and helps out with the milspeak so to speak. The first names are real. We have also created a writers bible I reckon it's called to keep our chiz in sync.

My last name is confidential for the moment and I won't be found on any UGA rolls anywhere or any campus for that matter. I am really 21 tho. Since all this GsGf stuff has blown up - I would never get a job anywhere unless I quietly go away and/or keep my name safe.

Never meant to deceive anyone - thus it's time to come to X as the ancients say. 
I apologize for my omission of truth and for letting it stand and I am sorry for not admitting it to gracious people who have given me multiple chances online and in real life

 Just wanted anonymity for tons of Bad Choices I've made in my admittedly hedonistacal life. 

In fact it's been over 2 years since moi was within M203 range of a classroom. Instead I get to spend time amidst a posse of ppl who are somewhat curious in critical thinking while scrambling in mind numbing repetitive labor for pitiful wages, gratuities and bonuses of unwanted commentary, physical critique, questionable proposals (several illegal) and a few pretty good passes.

Nom d'guerr'd as a job - this endeavor takes place with cohorts and new friends who honestly seem to be abusing or addicteding to literally everything from A to Z - alcohol to zanex. The trick seems to get dosed up on a depressant and then counter with a stimulant. Idk y exactly?

Anywrought, I've succumbed to temptation and made stupid decisions that will take time to work out. It's also true I'm addicted to a constant predication for nicotine gum.

During all the never ending dramarama - inherent with finding out way too late the ancients were correct about the wrong crowd hanging meme - my vehicle is trashed, tons of precious possessions have magically disappeared and fun intended consequences often are not so fun.

The one thing that has been a constant is getting to write. Ppl are saying and writing and doing great things and I simply must consume and produce media by working it out and crafting essay/analysis. The diff betwixt being a wannabe and a have to be? Also I'm hoping to get back into school

Individually and collectively we felt it was time to fess up. And we all are really surprised it has taken off. It's an idea thing, the collective never really marketed the brand so to speak for money.

Yet it is a hoax and as the poster girl and contact I regret perping the myth and let us speak plainly here - lying to everyone about school and the name.

And I, and the collective certainly don't blame you if you don't wanna be my friend no more.

Pic - "So what's your dirty lil secret?"


Norris Krueger said...

Bourbaki. Maybe even Pythagoras.

What? This wasn't a single crazy (if adorable) person? LOL - I think it was obvious that this was a group effort under a single name. (Like the mathematical collective that submitted papers under the guise of some cat named Bourbaki. It''s also possible that much of Pythagoras's work was by his team/devotees.)

We still love you. (Even though this middle-aged, middle-class white guy often needs Urban Dictionary to understand all the lingo... LOL)

So how can WE help YOU to move forward??

Norris Krueger said...

p.s. why the hell aren't you on twitter?


Render said...!/courtneyme109

dammit Court...


LtColDuBois said...

Keep on. Bona fides? Puh-leez. It's GSGf, for Pete's sake.

Jason said...

I am shocked and appalled. I will have to seriously reconsider my collaborations with you, sir-madam-collective hive. On the Internet, it seems you can be whomever one wants. Well, I say "good day" to you...

I said, "good day!"

outlawdon said...

Sorry to hear about your car...can't say I'm sorry to find out your human it happens to all of us.

This is the blogoshere, you can present yourself anyway you want.

You've posted a lot of good stuff, just keep it it've got nothin to apologize for

Anonymous said...

No worries, I feel less creepy reading you now.

Mr. Sleaze said...

Ewwww. It's like IM'ing or sexting someone you thought was a hot girl, but actually was a fat unemployed dude from the South.

OR having sex with a lady-man in Phuket thinking he was a hot she, but since you've already bumped uglies, it's kinda too late.

So, hey, I'll keep reading and pretending, if you guys (and gals) keep putting out. Keep up the good work!

Nicias said...

Everything is forgiven if you publish your writer's bible. Or at least send it to me.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm a newcomer here but, although translating can be tedious, your work is more transparent than most.

Sorry about your car and possessions, but I'll bet we mostly have similar stories. So press on. You're amongst friends.

maxx said...

Who gives a rats ass?Write more and take no prisoners.
Keep the knives sharp and the powder dry...or something

Pat Tillman Story is the Bomb said...

It's like having these flyers of yoga classes on campus and the photo of the yoga instructor is this young hot slender blonde girl.

So, every guy in the dorm talks about these flyers wanting to attend class.

When first day of yoga finally arrives, the instructor in front is some over weight hairy dude wearing nothing but a UDT-Dive short on.

And we're like "What the F, man?!!!". And the instructor's all like, "What? that was just my flyer for the class to get you guys all interested". Us, "Whatever, man."

So eventually, we all shut up and do yoga, and what do you know? The guy's actually pretty good, sans some nut peeks here & there during class. He's a great yoga instructor, so let's keep on doing yoga, folks! Just look away when old hairies come during the Lotus position.

the Bomb said...

UDT shorts with nuts popping out during yoga was probably going too far, I apologize, but you get the point. I'm a fan and love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Well it's a drag having our old men fantasies come crashing down. On the other hand it wasn't like we'd ever get to indulge. Go for it kids. Rock it.

Wilbur said...

Again with the Korean chicks! Today's "h0t" image is not Chinese. Your identity may be quasi-fictional, and your neocon ramblings may be a fever dream, but we still plan to hold you to a modicum of truth, especially as regards the eye candy. Once we lose faith in the eye candy, what's left?

Rainforest Giant said...

I sent Amina a link. Yes, that Amina. Loads of irony in this.

Just goes to show every girl on the internet is a dude, or is at least part of the time.

Interesting that the 'verification' word I am typing below reads like 'sleaze'.

Anonymous said...

Still a great sales pitch who ever or whomever or whatever you people are. And the site delivers on a daily basis.

Nygdan said...

Why would anyone really care about this? And didn't most people expect that there was, if nothing else, some 'guest' writing anyway?

Anonymous said...

It's actually "Xanax," with an X. If you need a Z drug, you might try's an antipsychotic. There's also Zoloft (antidepressant) and Zantac (for indigestion).

Rob Taylor said...

I'm not sure anyone thought Mershimidt was a real name but ... four of you? I don't get it. If you're not in school and not trying to make some green from creating a character (ala Gwar) I don't get the secrecy.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's not a hoax per se and you all have brought serious policy discussion with solid research.

I don't agree with your analysis much at all, but GSG has a voice in the world and marketing is important

Anonymous said...

Aha! This will explain the girlfriends unwarranted attacks on the holy nation of Pakistan. Now that you Hindu Crusader Zionist alliance has been exposed you must all apologise

Ali Shawkat