Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Girls Of The Hijaz


The world's original he man women hater kingdom  where chiz like breast cancer centres, lady drivers, strip clubs or Mother's Day is an alien concept and getting your sexy on in red on St Valentine's day could get your assets thrown in jail - or worse.

Whabbi Arabia - Hijacker Central as best understood, is all hijazzed on a holy peninsula.
A nation of sorts of nearly 26 million,  fully crunk with kids under 30yo, an unemployment rate of 30%, an underwhelming literacy rate of 78% and a somewhat understandable (not!) fear of unbound hoochies driving cars with tons of religious police, secret police and fashion police.

The ancient King just 'nnounced girls could vote in upcoming 'lections and upped the panty ante on risible (that's Canadian for LOL - don't laff - a certain campus newspaper scratched their heads for hours over that one - totally helpless to - you know -like maybe google it? LOLZ).
Laws must be changed to provide greater protections for women who are raped or suffer domestic abuse. The archaic ban on driving by women also must be lifted. In June, some Saudi women held a high-profile right-to-drive campaign that resulted in dozens of arrests. Those cases should be dropped.

One area where Saudi women are making strides is in education. But while they are 58 percent of the college graduates, they are only 14 percent of the work force. What possible future can Saudi Arabia have when half the population is not allowed to participate fully in the economy or civic life? 

Oh, Saudi Land. Ancient Kingdom with Princes and Kings (yet rarely a mention of queens, princesess - or even Mother's Day - weird), fully stocked on antique Holy Places, oil and fixing to bust wide open with kids.

Nearly half of the wahabbi hijaz are 15 and younger. An estimated 4.7 million on a semi censored internet. Like all despotries - control is essential.

"The internet has destroyed constraints and given the younger generation of
Arabs an opportunity to link up to the outside world, and give their opinions on
local and international issues.
Blogs have now appeared to add an important new dimension. They have created a generation of "citizen journalists" who are in contact with each other, conduct impromptu dialogue, and see that their opinions reach anywhere in the world where those interested in such opinions can be found."
Danger! Danger! In addition to the secret police, the internet police and political police - The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia also deploys agents from (get this here now) "Committee for the Propagation of Virtue and the Elimination of Sin."
"The morality police, whom Saudis sometimes derisively refer to as the
are notorious for committing excesses in their fervor for enforcing
the Kingdom's puritanical Wahhabi brand of m"Hammedism.
Typically, squads of mutaween patrol streets and shopping malls, caning shopkeepers who fail to shutter their doors at prayer time, scolding women who allow flesh to show from under their mandatory black gowns, and lecturing adolescent boys caught following or talking to girls.
By the commission's reckoning, its members "correct" the behavior of
800,000 people a year. "
These cats (they REALLY hate the color red too), mostly volunteer, patrol the Kingdom and make sure lottie dottie everybody conforms to an almost medieval conduct code. A kind of Combo Police they busybody their way all the way into nearly every aspect of life.

Fashion Police, Mingling Police- these Anti Fun Adjutants perform 'policing' that ranges from dress codes, making sure all the guys pray 5 times a day (unverified reports claim they harass guys that wear lace up shoes and wicked western style ties - after all how can they pray so often with all that restrictive gear on?)

From 'tarded ideas of a Holy Dress Code to dangerous unholy acts like girls driving cars. These volunteer enforcers don't miss a thing and tend to punish more than protect - the very perversion of the word 'police'. 

Like the horrific consequences at Girls' Intermediate School No. 31 when it caught fire. The mutaweenies let 15 girls die in agony (later claimed it was all a mistake) and were seen "beating young girls to prevent them from leaving the burning school because they were not wearing the abaya" 

What is a hijaz h'jabed hottie to do in an alledgedly abnormal society?

Locked away in their rooms - unable to 'mingle' in public or use their secret weapons to get their hooks into guys at the mall or anywhere else - they are high tech hootchies - using webcams to netcast naughty teases on line to an army of frustrated (in more ways than one) cats from all over the ME - not just the uncool controlled kingdom.

Pic - "Girls of Riyadh"