Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Saudi Statecraft

The world's original he man women hater kingdom is promising to act out by dissing some diplopolititary designs over something something Palestine.

Exspy guy and exAmbassador His Royal Highness Prince Turki F'Sal of Wahabbi Arabia - a nation of sorts of nearly 26 million,  fully crunk with kids under 30yo, an unemployment rate of 30%, an underwhelming literacy rate of 78% and a somewhat understandable (not!) fear of unbound hoochies driving cars with tons of religious police, secret police and fashion police

HRH Turki spells out what all could happen if Great Satan don't play

"If it does not, American influence will decline further, Little Satan's security will be undermined and Iran will be empowered, increasing the chances of another war in the region

Although Saudi Arabia is willing and able to chart a new and divergent course if America fails to act justly with regard to Palestine, the ME would be far better served by continuing cooperation and good will betwixt these longstanding allies.

American support for Palestinian statehood is therefore crucial, and a veto will have profound negative consequences. In addition to causing substantial damage to American-Saudi relations and provoking uproar among m"Hammedists worldwide, the Great Satan would further undermine its relations with the m"Hammedist world, empower Iran and threaten regional stability. Let us hope that She chooses the path of justice and peace."

Carebeful my Prince!  If Great Satan really thunk about chasing down a piece of that peaceful  justice, that ho free hot! slavetrading unsexy Hijaz could xform into a diff critter!

With all seriousness aside - think: 

Afghanistan, Yemen, Land of the Pure are all enjoying outflanking Grafenwöhr as the World's Largest Impact Area with Drones Gone Wild!

Why cause?

Because! Rowdy time traveling intolerant creeps, jerks and killers have drank deeply of the poisonous Wahabbi Brau - spread by and xported by assorted aQ minions through out the ME 

Daemoneoconically delish Elise Jordan deigns:

Those countries all have a long record of supporting terrorism, or harboring terrorists, or, as in the case of Iraq, becoming hotbeds for terrorism after we arrived. But there is one country conspicuously absent from the list of nations we’ve aggressively targeted — Saudi Arabia.  
The Saudis, along with Pakistan, were just two of the three counties that recognized the Taliban government. Yet officially the country remained above reproach. In the past ten years, the Saudi government has never been even verbally attacked by the State Department or the White House.
In respectable fopo circles, bringing up Saudi Arabia immediately marks one out as something akin to a Truther or a Birther — it’s just not a serious topic of discussion for serious people. It’s not that anyone in government, in private, will deny the Saudi’s government’s active and well documented hostility towards the United States; nor will they deny the public and growing record of the Saudi’s complicity in the September 11 attacks, or the jihad it supported against American troops in Iraq (the majority of foreign fighters in Iraq were Saudi citizens; Saudi citizens also provided critical funding for the Sunni insurgency in Iraq); or, as the Arab Spring has swept the region, the Saudis distinctly unspringlike form of government.

The Saudis seem to make up the glaring blind spot of American foreign policy.
The Prince's more xparent than Lindsay's Marilyn see thrux redux caveat about Saudi statecraft is a nonstarter:

Recogging Iraq and doing it up right with a real live ambassador means sucking up to shias - or worse (from Wahabbi eyes) - Persian shias

Palestine has always functioned as a distracting wingman for illegit regimes - holy, Royal or sec sec secular (secular).

Trading Palestine for Syria is hardly convincing simply cos Saudilanders have a totally hot desire to enjoy " the impending fall of Mr. Assad’s barbarous regime provides a rare strategic opportunity to weaken Iran. Without this vital ally, Tehran will find it more difficult to foment discord in the Arab world."

Saudiland will most likely match proxilicious proxies in Yementerventions and those unlucky shia rich oil rich bearing regions of the kingdom anyway. Great Satan could help tremendously with that.

Or not

 Pic - "Fall of the House of Saud"