Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sea Wars


Covering like bunches of the earths surface one of the funintended yet fun fun fundamental truths bout oceans and Sea Power is that regimes that blow it - like Ottomans, the hoch Kaiser cat, Nippon and others also blow the longevity test.

At first glance - land wars seem to be a more major undoing of illegit regimes. 3rd Reich's easy attack on the Collectivist 3CP with seemingly no more worries about it than certain elements doing just one more line at parties wrought incredible consequences, overthrew a long time world order, wiped clean and drew again the face of the modern world for eons.

Semi sorta the same for Arab League's on again off again chiz bout Little Satan. The funintended consequences defy projecting extrapolation so much, asymmetrical action seems to be de rigueur.

Doing land borders (except for those ever pop pop popular non state actor outers - curious available in nation states that, for whatever reasons, are able to skate on Writ of State's monopoly on violence) means a Declaration of War

Even arrogantly paranoid govs generally think dang hard and long about such diplopolititary chicanery and often decide no to go there.

Yet not Sea Conflicts!
"Whereas at sea, you can easily drift into a serious military confrontation that neither side intended."
"The thing about maritime frontiers that makes them so much more dangerous than land borders is that they are often ill-defined, and almost always invisible. There are lots of disputed land frontiers in the world, but everybody knows where the actual line of control is, and there are usually troops or border police around to make sure that everybody observes it."
"It’s a slow-burning fuse, but this is the most worrisome strategic confrontation in the world today." 
Several current flash points available like the Ottomanic silly flotilla chiz. (Seriously - the Strip has a higher lit rate and lower baby mortality rate than Turkey - maybe strippers should send ships to the Ottomans instead?)
 "Little Satan attacked last year’s aid flotilla well beyond the limits of the blockade zone it had declared around Gaza, and might do so again. Little Satan would have local air superiority, but the Turkish warships would be on hair-trigger alert for an attack. This could end very badly.
"Nothing comes close to China and the sea though. Indian Navy claims China got mean and scary when INS Airavat was sweetly splashing about internat'l aqua near Viet Nam. China just got busted sortee'ing spy ships on India's sensitive tender portions like the Andaman/Nicobar Islands.
 China's not so peaceful looking naughtical rise with Philippines, Nippon, Taiwan and Viet Nam is kinda sobering
"If this sort of thing goes on, it is plausible to imagine a point at which countries with real military power ― Israel and Turkey, or India and China ― start shooting at each other. Moreover, all these countries except Turkey have nuclear weapons, though it is hard to imagine them being used in a conflict at sea. On the other hand, it is the sea and its slippery boundaries that make such confrontations possible."

Great Satan's history is fully crunk with example of seaborne hijinkery that often quickly upcrunked into globe stomping.  3 finally threw up his hands and said the heck with it to deploy a Naval/Teufel Hunden Expeditionary force 1000's of miles to the slave trading terroristical Barbary Pirates hood. Great Britain and France goofed off with jamming up righteous American oceanic trade and got the War of 1812.

The Sumatra crises got 7's attention with a naval raid to reinforce desired behavior. Remembering USS Maine launched a naval trajectory that echoes throughout the new millennium:

"20th century was no different. German attacks on U.S. ships in World War I brought America into that war; the Japanese attack on the fleet at Pearl Harbor brought the U.S. into World War II. The Tonkin Gulf incident in 1964 (alleged attacks on U.S. ships by North Vietnamese boats) led Congress to authorize 36's use of force in Indochina. The North Korean seizure of the USS Pueblo in 1968 touched off a near-war crisis at the height of the Vietnam conflict, and the Cambodian seizure of the Mayaguez, a container ship, led 38 to dispatch combat forces back to Indochina less than one month after the withdrawal from Saigon in 1975."

"40 dispatched forces to Libya in the 1980s when Moammar Gadhafi tried to claim the international waters off his coast behind a “Line of Death.” 42 rattled the saber when Chinese forces fired missiles in the Taiwan Straits in 1995 and 1996."
Might be cool for certain elements to keep all this in mind

Pic - "If anyone wants a large-scale military conflict with a Great Satan. that is angry, aroused and united, endangering American naval vessels is the right way to get one. " 


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Obama is bankrupting America... There won't be any money to fight wars.