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That's so ill!

Using her personal hyperpuissance to play a veritable squad of players - leading them on separately in a series of serious teazing fire and maneuver exercises - in a weeks time her tips were legendary, her rent was secured, petrol stocks were high and she frequently toted about enough pocket full of awesomeness to fly blind for 3 days at a time.

Her posse of friends, frenemies and near field competitors were semi sorta shocked! Yes, yes, guys have feelings too - yet who cares (right girls), her hi jinking activities herald the legendary out of control ho. When she crashes - she could take out a lot of ppl with her.

Is i.e.inspected intrapersonal illicitness comp comp comparable to l'dipolpolititary au courant?

Oui oui m'seur! 

 Consider the illegit concept of despotries.

Sans any verifiable consent of the governed, especial cats have been ruling and ruining nation/states for eons. Just lucky, they seldom seem to keep the craziness within their own little confines - they often project misery far beyond their own weight class and nat'l boundaries. Arab Spring has seen the Tunisian squeeze squash Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, Aegypts Undying Pharoh and chuck Libya's Amazonian Guard lover Colonel Khadaffy onto the junk heap of played cunning leaders for life
Against the backdrop of these successes, however, the Arab Spring has had bloody setbacks. Protests in Bahrain and Jordan were violently suppressed. In Syria, Bashar al-Assad’s regime has killed thousands of the brave citizens who have turned out to protest since March. 

Beyond that region, dictators who continue to oppress include the Castro dynasty in Cuba; the Lukashenko regime in Belarus; Zimbabwe’s independence-leader-turned-tyrant, Robert Mugabe; and the isolationist and paranoid regimes in Burma and North Korea.

Simply put, international law has failed to keep up with the challenges posed by dictatorial regimes.
The 20th century was, to an uncomfortable degree, defined by the depredations and mass slaughters perpetrated by dictators. And thus far there are few indications in the 21st century that history’s lessons have been absorbed. More often than not, international institutions stand by while political rights are eviscerated and mass killings are committed by regimes desperate to retain power. 

Many applauded the 2009 indictment by the International Criminal Court (ICC) of Sudan’s Bashir, the first of a sitting head of state, yet he remains president and no country through which he has traveled has tried to arrest him. Libya’s Gaddafi has been indicted for crimes against humanity, but there seems to be little prospect of his answering the charges. 

Nunc scio tenebris lux bay bee! 

While the hideously 2 dimensional (many with prestige and brains) discombobulate annihilating all the worlds despotries in a fun friendly non military way as a hot sticky fantasy or worse - deploy inappropriate jawflapping re: the sad played meme of imposing democrazy - it is the reverse that is true - despotry has to be imposed. Secret police, secret trials, secret prisons and secret executions do not ensure stability either.

Despite dissing dismissals as arrogant hubris (who what?) by the sad collective of unfun unexceptionals that for decency's sake shall remain linkless (many of which most certainly would fail to recog a good time even if it sat on their face), ppl are catching on to the concept of democrazy world.

The truth is that a world without dictators may not be such a lark. Yes, it has never been harder than it is today to be a dictator. Totalitarianism, the ultimate expression of dictatorship, is virtually extinct.
 And picture, for a moment, the benefits of a dictator-free world. No more rogue regimes sponsoring terrorists or giving haven to mass murderers. No more famines in NoKo. The humanitarian benefits would be enormous. Once the last tyrant had fallen, imagine the creativity that would pour forth from the millions of people who had known nothing besides fear, repression and the best ways to survive it.
 Advocating fun and free choice for every one is not some slap happy buzz that never was. Uncle Tony taught "In all cases, to the same end, that the liberty we seek is not for some, but for all, for that is the only true path to victory in this struggle." 

Any weaponry needed is already in the diplopolititary arsenal - check it -
“Internat'l law” is a patchwork of conventions that deal with issues raised by dictatorships in a piecemeal, ineffective fashion. The Convention Against Torture, for instance, addresses politically motivated degrading treatment and torture, while the Genocide Convention targets the worst abuses a dictator could commit. The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights delineates a base line of rights that must be protected but offers no clear mechanism by which to vindicate violations. The definition of crimes against humanity, as noted in the ICC’s Rome Statute, could be used.
 Not to mention R2P clause.

Still - could, should, would the League of Hot! Democrazies be crunk enough to get the unfun, unfree illicit regimes blemishing the world to get all universally declared illegit?
The clearest way forward would be through a convention targeting dictatorship as an international crime. Rather than treating dictatorship as an ancillary issue in the prosecution of other crimes, this would focus attention on the types of atrocities and oppression in which dictators engage. These crimes include the curtailment of certain civil liberties — such as the freedoms of association, speech and press — state interference with institutions such as the judiciary and electoral bodies, and oppressive regulation of personal autonomy.
Moreover, nations could incorporate this criminalization into domestic law, providing an additional forum in which to publicize violations and prosecute violators. This step would not represent a dramatic or elitist Western intervention in the internal politics of foreign nations. The rights already guaranteed by international law, under such conventions as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, serve as the framework of liberal democracy. A prohibition on dictatorship would simply provide a way to vindicate these rights in international or domestic forums.
 Arab Spring and the march away from dictatorship over the past half-century undercut any claim that the rough outlines of democracy are somehow the province of the West. The final form may differ from the Middle East to Africa, just as democracy does not look the same in Washington, Paris and New Delhi. 
Yet that does not undermine the assertion that the fundamental core of democracy, the protection of political and civil rights by government, is something for which all people yearn. Eradicating dictatorship would make the world safer for all. It would lift the yoke from the necks of millions still laboring under authoritarian and dictatorial rule. 
 Such audacious fast forward thinking chiz would by happy coincidense totally vidicate the entire original old school construct of UN

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