Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gunpowder And Beer

The unhelpfully hurtful karaoke version of the paw paw era "I am woman in wars fog - click my links and read my blog" currently up at the ever essential Gun Powder and Lead is indeed a monster!

A monster bore

Blaming moi for the current state of certain blogging careers, self confidence, chances for happiness in life or what ev is incredibly two dimensional. Easily misinterpreted as emo heavy fact free hissy fitting chicanery that girls get blamed for all the time and yet another incorrect reason to pass up taking girls seriously.

Cheese and Rice!

Sexyful style could be considered like the ancient Warsaw Pact era's philosophy about new clear weaponry - use it or lose it.

Truly, if anyone is truly just flat out tore up from the floor up over that naughty hottie couture presentation and all the achtung bay bee action - why not shoot an email about it?

Yes yes and yes - GsGf has a posse to help maintain the site, contribute, research and has a mentor that isn't female - that may or may not crank diplopolititary action into objet d'art - so what?

Underneath that breezy gum (nic nic nicotine) snapping chatter is some seriously heavy duty work. Hard work - the research, the cats hit on to contrib exclusive commentary - the subjects covered. Dismissing it as shallow or cheating is ironically enough, shallow and cheating.

Grrlpower? No diss meant  - yet it sure wasn't GP and L that blew the lid off Ihkwan's Black Veil Brides complexes in Aegypt. Or consider stuff like gendercide. Or Universal Values. Or even the carebeful where you open this link Palestinian Panty Po Po
"There is a level of self-centeredness and willful perniciousness on display in this little collective that takes my breath away."

K. Fair enough.

 Not unlike dehumanizing people - nicht wahr , to get all negative instead of sharing some hard won guidance, expertise and projecting influence in a cool fun to be with kinda way to reinforce desired behaviour

 Pic - "There's a tiger in the room and a baby in the closet"


Anonymous said...

I think that was the first article that I've actually clicked on every link.

Controversy here = overblown. Two reasons - anyone who thought this was a single individual has no idea what it takes to write in depth and consistently. For one person to do this much topic choosing, analytical effort and the effort to Courtneyize the language would require a heavy combination of NyQuil and Red Bull - and after about two weeks you're in rehab. Can't maintain that.

Second - amusing irony of all the critiquers that are upset that principles were infringed on either by the deception or the Hooters advertising when discussing natsec or foreign policy: Principles have no place in world of realpolitik.

Now - what the hell is my gmail account?

Anonymous said...

'ffats' eht dna uoy rof noitaulave hcysp a detseuqer "yelraF larimdA" ,courtneY oY


Anonymous said...


My first thought at GPandL was "I am Woman hear me bitch. Read my blog and make me rich"


Raedwulf said...

So GSGF has people help her. So what. I enjoy the blogs and hope they continue. So Courtney Messerschmidt is not a real name. Mark Twain was not a real name, yet Samuel Clemmens books have not lost their impact. I hope GSGF continues her or their good work.

maxx said...

Do some folks not have enough to consider in their daily runabout? They need to seek out controversy that isn't? Silly little bleeps!

Mick said...

Have you seen the comments at GP&L? She's losing it.

I just answered a challenge one of her sock puppets offered about not finding any intellectual stimuli at the GSGF with three examples.

Let's see if she moderates it out of existence

Tommy D said...


The GSG is pissing off all the right people and that soundtrack with Pretty Reckless is a great finish!!

Anonymous said...

On the other hand the piece you did for Caitlin at Wings Over Iraq did feature some outrageous links and tags. That is what set her off.

Whether the girlfriends and friends meant to start a cat fight or not, that was the trigger I think.

You two should kiss and make up.

And fetch us a couple of beers while you're up sweetie