Thursday, September 15, 2011

SoKo Weaponizing Grrlpower


One of several multi charming charms possessed by girls (often deployed as a control mechanism) is their magical ability to create an angle with their bodies that, uh, simultaneously creates other angles.

Could such angle dangle be sexyfully segued into the realm of the Military chiz?

Shee Poh! 

All the cool kids know about the two Koreas - the yankee part is little more than a starving, slave trading underground rocket factory with an unfree, unfun new clear weaponized nation state attached led by the undying Dear Leader with Young General in the wings just in case.

South of the DMZ (the unmilitary zone) are the peninsula's  southermost portions  - SoKo (or ROK as the ancients insist on nom d'guerr'ing her) is fully crunk with a conscript military totally off the hook with literacy, bling bling, fun and free choice.

 As best understood - an essential comte d'gurre ensembe l'hyperpuissance is all those little sister democrazies sweetly lounging about Great Satan's benign peripheries - many created by Great Satan herself and of them all - SoKo has been an excellent hot little sister democrazy that hasn't ever bothered anyone. 

Soko's Def Min is thinking of linking unconventional irregular land warfare with asymmetrical weaponized laffy taffy.

The Defense Ministry is apparently minded to use songs and music videos by manufactured girl bands such as Girls' Generation, Wonder Girls, After School, Kara and 4minute in so-called psychological warfare against North Korea.

An official in charge of psy ops at the Joint Chiefs of Staff said no decision has been made so far. "It will take months to set up the big screens to use in psychological warfare operations and a wide range of contents will be shown," the official said. "I don't know whether songs by girl groups will be included, but there is that chance since pop songs were used in the past."

The JCS official said he is unsure how effective the work of girl bands will be. But the revealing outfits worn by the performers and their provocative dances could have a considerable impact on North Korean soldiers. 

Pic - "Now you will suffer in un before seen ways" 


Raedwulf said...

Interesting. I wonder how similar operations would work on the uber masculine Islamic nations like Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan? Either riots (probable) or enlightenment (doubtful)

Wilbur said...

So close! GSS uses pictures of Korean girls whenever they (They!) write anything about any East Asian country. But now: You use a picture of Korean girls to illustrate a post about the Korean government using images of Korean girls to influence North Korean bad boys. Appropriate! Almost! At the end you include a link to a nice music video, but the Korean girls are singing in JAPANESE!! Why did you (plural) do that? Needless to say, that's not the video the Korean government would use for their popsyops! (I'm coining that term.)

Wilbur said...

Oh, I meant GSG not GSS. It is an interesting topic, though. The K-Pop girl groups are enormously popular in China. C-Pop isn't nearly as good, at least not yet. The Korean recording industry understands the marketing potential. The leader of one Korean girl group ("F(x)") was born in China. The boy band "Super Junior" also used to have a Chinese member. Silly pop music really can have a positive influence on the way the young people of certain non-Western countries (like China) view the "West", i.e., South Korea.

Wilbur said...

You also might want to do a post on how pop music has brought Muslims and Hindus together in India. Testable hypothesis: kids who dance to the same funky beats are measurably less likely to wage holy war on each other.

(Hard Bodies = Soft Power)