Thursday, April 26, 2012

4 Vectors


GsGf"s Fallujah Expert,  and No True Glory cat gives up hot deets on the 4th Army to split the field in the Stan since Britannia Ruled the Waves with an indepth hello with NATO"s Last Field Commander - Great Satan"s Teufel Hunden GEN John Allen
By this year’s end, Allen must reduce his U.S. force by a third without conceding populated areas. He must place Afghan battalions with uneven leadership into the breach. And he must shore up a defense-in-depth to ward off attacks launched from inside Pakistan. The decisions of John Allen, age 58, a courteous gentleman from Virginia who is virtually unknown to the American public, will greatly affect whether Afghanistan holds together or descends into chaos.
Oh Snap!!

Something something "Force Vectors" will determine "YaY!!" or suck and kamikazee straight into chaos and pure H 
One vector is time. 44 has pledged to withdraw  troops from combat by 2014. By this year’s end,  troop strength will drop from roughly 100,000 to 70,000.

A second vector is Afghanistan’s political path. Afghan officials are bargaining tenaciously over the terms of the Strategic Partnership Agreement that will govern American military activities after 2014. The SPA will be critical in persuading NATO and other countries to pledge continued support.

The Pakistani sanctuary is the third vector. Pakistan supports terrorists in a proxy war in order to control the eventual political outcome in Afghanistan. Conceding a sanctuary to insurgents has historically imperiled any beleaguered government.

The fourth vector is instilling confidence in the Afghan army. Unless Afghan security forces can stand up to the Taliban, chaos and civil war are inevitable.

Pic - " I can tell you unequivocally three things. First, we remain on-track to ensure that Afghanistan will no longer be a safe haven for Al Qaida and will no longer be terrorized by the Taliban. Second, as a coalition, the largest in recent history, we are well along in our progress to  transition security lead to the Afghan national security forces And third, our troops know the difference that they're making every day, and the enemy feels that difference every day."