Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pakistani Spring

Nishan E Haider!!

While ebberdobby knows all about Arab Sprung - forgiveness can be granted (in short, controlled bursts) for a - let us speak plainly here - robust Whisker Tangy Foxwhat about something something "Pakistani Spring"

As the most risible fakebelieve 'nation/state' concocted since Great Britain gave up empire to focus on upgrading Rock n Roll to Rock to Metal, Land of the Pure's history has essentially been one self inflicted heartache after another ('cept of course natural disasters that seem to periodically strike a country that is half and half floodplains and mountain tops)

Aside from enjoying an amazingly underwhelming lit rate of 49%, Pakistan is sweetly poised to leap way ahead of Great Britain in the number of weaponry available for deployment and detonation as the world's 5th largest new clear power  
The battle began, of course, when Great Satan sneaked into Pakistan to kill ObL last May. Things are so bad, Pakistani author Ahmed Rashid pronounced in his recently published book, “Great Satan and Pakistan are just short of going to war.” 
 America’s greater fear is that Pakistan will get in the way of war. Pakistan’s Parliament last week unanimously voted to forbid the U.S. from conducting drone strikes inside Pakistani territory. If the measure is implemented, it will deny the U.S. its most effective weapon against al-Qaeda and other militant groups. 
One new twist that should be particularly gratifying to the U.S. is the Pakistani public’s unexpected turn against the military. Popular anger at the U.S. for swooping into the country to kill bin Laden was matched by outrage that the military was caught snoozing by U.S. commandos.
Money shot!
Pakistanis asked: Why do we need such an expensive military if it can’t even protect the country’s borders and doesn’t know that the world’s most wanted man is hiding in a garrison town? 
 Whoa!! Direct Hit!! Fire For Effect!!

Not to put too fine a point on the sovereignity dodge - can that be segued into a new clear Persia? Alla that expensive weaponry - yet be like totally unable to protect Preacher Command's borders on enforce Writ of State? American drones, snipers, SEAL teams and Oppresso di Libre cats running wild having their way with targets sets of design and opportunity? Just quizzing -  - it is a whole nother essay tho haha
If that weren’t enough, three weeks later, extremists attacked the naval base in Karachi, which houses nuclear warheads. They destroyed a helicopter and two advanced P-3C Orion patrol aircraft. Pakistani special forces lost 10 men and had to fight for 16 hours to end the siege. 
More embarrassments followed. Impassioned appeals to the Supreme Court to find President Asif Ali Zardari a traitor backfired on the army and intelligence chiefs when the credibility of their witness, who had claimed that Zardari was colluding with the U.S. against the military, dissolved amid the man’s ever-changing story and his cameo in a mud-wrestling video. Next, the Supreme Court opened hearings in a case alleging that the military bought votes in the 1990 election. The televised spectacle of generals hauled to court to answer judges has mesmerized Pakistanis. 
The humbling of the military is good news for democracy in Pakistan. National elections may take place as early as October and must occur by February. With the military restrained, there is hope that voting will be free and fair, and that the outcome may further strengthen civilian rule.
 An embarrassed military that started every war they've ever had, and lost every war they've ever had. in fact, the only successes Pak Army can point to are military coups and the Taliban. A scant 60 year history is down right embarrassing.
 A humbled military, a resurgent democracy and better ties with India are all things the U.S. wants to see in Pakistan. Together they present hope, however slight, for a more stable, constructive Pakistan.