Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Shi Lang!!

If (or when, nicht wahr?) the balloon goes goes up around 1st Island Chain the much gossiped 5th generation J 20 Mighty Dragon may have her collectivist helmet fire full of way more than Raptors and Lightning II's!
Whatever might be the specific performance of the J-20, its fight test was meant to show the world that China had solved its major technical hiccups, and that it won’t be long before the fighter jet was up in the air.
Now that China and Russia have both tested their fifth generation combat jets successfully, the state of equilibrium in the world’ skies will go from balanced to unbalanced. This is something America isn’t looking forward to.

Enter Air Superiority Drones!
Not only do the UCAV’s manufacturers support the notion that drones are superior to manned fighter jets, supporters of the F-22 and F-35 seem to agree as well. Recently, the United States announced that as early as next year, the X-47B combat drone should be able to perform unmanned landings on navy carriers. Having achieved this target, the American Navy has already cut its F-35 purchase plan.
 Although the J-20 and F-22 will still have confrontations and simulated fights over the China seas to demonstrate each country’s strength, tomorrow’s skies will undergo a profound transformation.

In the future, the J -20’s enemy will not be the F-22, but a cluster of combat drones.
An unmanned combat drone will be able to deal with the cruelty of war, whereas one can ask themselves if in an increasingly interdependent global economy, a human being can still allow war to occur? The answer is probably no, but who can guarantee this?
Great Satan will definitely try to develop a more flexible, more powerful and more accurate striking capability in order to deal with the uncertain threats of the future. The rapid deployment of drones on a global scale will make it an inevitable choice under such a strategy. The aircraft-carrier-based X-47B will enable the American Navy to triple its battle range from its current distance of around 800 km to over 2,500 Km.

Collectivist China's 'Area Denial" chiz will be - well - who can say?
The Chinese are probably still immersed in the joy of having achieved great progress in the J-20 development. This is like the Japanese reveling in the launching of the “Yamato,” the world’s biggest battleship in the 1930s. Meanwhile, a change in the configuration of tomorrow’s wars is secretly taking shape.

Pic - “I'll call your new carrier and raise you my next-gen, drone-spewing mother ship!”