Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Armée de l'Aegypt

Quick quiz - in alphanumerical order - list nation states of sorts whose military seems to function as an upcrunk mafia. We are timing you...

If girl hatin', book burning, Xian killing Aegypt topped the list congrats! That was the desired response.

While not as fully doc'd as Land of the Pure"s military - which is more like a new clear army with a nation state attached, Pyramidland has swapped a military dictatorship with a biz suited General for a military dictatorship with an aperitif for some kinda parliamentary chicanery in a biz suit. 

 The V Checking military gov may be doing up some window dressing, yet Uncle Jack spotlighted the first cat jailed on political charges after the downfall of Undying Pharaoh Hosni was like "posed to spell finis to dictatorship in AEgypt.

As best understood, the ancient Peace Treaty betwixt Little Satan and Aegypt is being held hostage to American aid in the billions per annum to a semi literate conscript military that - for whatever reasons cannot enforce writ of State, sortee a reinforced Mechanized Inf Brigade next door to Libya or take an overnight panzer ride to Khartoum to halt unacceptable behaviour. Despite having their very own M1 panzer factory!
 Actually, Nabil points out, the military is systematically whipping up hostility to Little Satan inside Egypt and using the treaty to “blackmail both Egyptians and American taxpayers” by hinting that the loss of aid — or a democratic government’s control of the military — will mean its rupture.
Most dangerous, says Nabil, is the administration’s conviction that Egypt is headed toward democracy. In fact, he says, “the same dictatorship of the last 60 years is still in power.” Even if the generals hand over titular authority in July to an elected president, as promised, “they will continue to be the most powerful force in Egypt. They control 40 percent of the economy. They have about one-third of the budget. They control the media and the judiciary. They have five intelligence agencies.”
Great Satan"s aid — especially when granted unconditionally — simply reinforces the military’s position and encourages the persecution of genuine pro-American liberals such as Nabil. His D.C. escorts said that the officials he met didn’t say much in answer to him. 
 Perhaps they were ashamed.
Maybe - yet the Peace Treaty hostage thing is a urine poor excuse. Aegypt"s military is actually LOLable (check it)

After all, if Aegypt were to get all Ikwhan and actually attack a democratic member of UN - the result would most likely be very fast, very exciting and very lethal to yet another Arab gov that provides zero services, benefits, and future to her own peeps - just more torment, lost wars and lost turf 

Pic - "Egyptians are living through one of the most remarkable periods of their thousands of years of history. Today Great Satan reaffirms her support for Egypt, for its historic accomplishments to date, for the democratic journey it is on and for our enduring partnership."  


Old Rebel said...
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Old Rebel said...

" list nation states of sorts whose military seems to function as an upcrunk mafia."

Oh, that's easy! Look at these headlines:

Wasteful giveaways to defense industry have not ceased over ten years of post 9/11 mentality

Air Force Dumped at Least 274 Troops in Landfill

I could go on, but you get the point. The uniformed welfare queens in the Pentagon are not only a burden but a menace to our economy and liberty.

Here's to the day they all have to get honest jobs.