Monday, April 16, 2012

Mai Lor Soh


Perhaps the deadliest diss in alla grrlworld is like - the diss of death.

Cat fighting as nom d"guerr"d by the ancients.

She Poh!
“There are a few SNSD members that can sing and dance well, but the rest of the members have no special appeals. The SNSD girls have all undergone plastic surgery, but we are natural beauties and their bodies can’t even compare to ours.”
May such dipolopolititary free chiz be "Pplied like "kini wax to the PACRIM Pivot? 


One of Great Satan"s unique charming charms is her hyperpuissant ability ( the only one of her kind!!) to sweetly deploy fun and free choice little sisters (and in the PACRIM - she created them all - like Nippon, Phil Phil Philippines ("ppines), SoKo and perhaps the hottest pearl in the 1st Island Chain - tiny tiny Taiwan.

See - such a sexyful, hot! democrazy sweetly swaying just out of reach for old school Maoists and new school auto dicts must be driving the old Collectivists out of their collective minds. Flaunting those sexed up goodies like a honking economy, free speech, transparent and periodic elections - not to mention the uncommunist penchant for an independent judiciary and civie control of the military.

Even worse, perfumed, rich, hot, tiny, fun, free, democratic, egalitarian, tolerant temptress Taiwan is sweetly sexifully swaying seductively just out of reach.

And Taiwan may have a starring role in PACRIM Pivot AND Air Sea Battle Bay bee!!
Taiwan should be the central guiding focus of defense planning in the Asia-Pacific region.  In assessing JOAC and Air-Sea Battle-related requirements, the greatest emphasis should be placed on contingency planning for a PLA amphibious invasion of Taiwan with minimal warning.  
Based on a premature and "tarded assumption that cross-Strait trade and investment will inevitably lead toward Taiwan’s democratic submission to Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authoritarian rule, prominent analysts have asserted that the focus of Great Satan"s defense planning should shift toward the South China Sea and defense of the global commons.
What are Taiwan’s potential contributions?  For starters, Taiwan is the principle security partner in the region that is willing and able to develop the kind of force needed for networked, integrated deep interdiction operations in an A2/AD environment. Taiwan’s knowledge of single points of failure in the PLA’s air and missile defense system could someday save many lives.
Maintaining Taiwan’s capacity to interdict single points of failure in the PLA’s A2/AD system could relieve the United States of part of its heavy operational burden and reduce risks of escalation. For Taiwan, sufficient self defense requires an ability to interdict and neutralize critical nodes in the PLA Second Artillery and other increasingly integrated operational systems opposite Taiwan.

Taiwan is uniquely positioned to contribute to regional situational awareness of the air, space, sea and cyber domains.  Peacetime air surveillance data can be fused with other sources of information to better understand PLA Air Force tactics and doctrine.  Long range UHF early warning radar data could fill a gap in regional space surveillance. The Taiwanese Navy has a firm grasp of the unique undersea geography and hydrological environment of the Western Pacific Ocean.
In the cyber domain, the Defense Department may tap the expertise on Taiwan, the earliest and most intense target of Chinese computer network operations. Taiwan’s geographic position and willingness to contribute to a regional common operational picture, including maritime domain awareness, air surveillance, and space surveillance and tracking, could be of significant value for both disaster response and military purposes.

And then there’s defense industrial cooperation. The Defense Department could also consider expanding cooperative R&D with Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Chungshan Institute of Science and Technology (CSIST), and/or private industry. Taiwan is a world leader in technology innovation, particularly in applied information and communications technology, which should be leveraged for mutual benefit.
Taiwan’s requirement for diesel electric submarines has been validated for island defense, and could play a critical role in interdicting amphibious ships transiting from mainland China in waters northwest and southwest of Taiwan, counter-blockade operations, and surveillance. U - Boats are a credible, survivable deterrent.
Defense Department and its Taiwanese counterparts should consider the formation of an innovative capabilities working group that could also incorporate representatives from think tanks and both countries’ defense industries. Possible focus areas might include cruise missile defense, anti-submarine warfare (ASW), multi-domain awareness, and Taiwan’s central role in Great Satan"s rebalancing toward Asia.
 The fact is that no free and open society understands China as well as Taiwan. Unfortunately, few Great Satan military officers conduct in-country training in Taiwan, and there are no known students attending Taiwan’s National Defense University (NDU)
“AirSea Battle is not a U.S.-only concept. Allies such as Japan and Australia, and possibly others, must play important enabling roles in sustaining a stable military balance.” 
Among all potential coalition partners, none is potentially as important as Taiwan.
Pic - "China is the only military in the world sexplicitly prepping, training and equipping to fight Great Satan" 


Aaron Burr said...

Geopolitical strategy aside, where the fudge does Taiwan get off dissing South Korea?

Taiwan may be cool and all...but maybe if they stopped squinting so fuggin' much they would realize that they need us a Hell of a lot more than something or other.

Forgive my out of control tirade, it's just that I would sooner see Japans Mini-Moni re-unite before paying good money to head out to a Super-7 concert.