Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Little Satan"s Strike Package

"She's a fine tuned supersonic sting machine - wears a low slung top with a killer's lean"

Or sump like that - in a Hegelian Age of Something Something - who shall truly say? 
An Little Satan pre-emptive strike against Iran’s nuclear program will probably begin with a rain of Jericho missiles obliterating the heavy water plant in Arak and destroying four small nuclear research reactors at the Nuclear Technology Center in Isfahan.

Simultaneously, 100 IAF F-16I and F-15I fighter jets will drop huge bunker-busting bombs on attack-hardened nuclear fuel enrichment plants buried in the mountain sides of Natanz and Fordow.
Submarine-launched cruise missiles will seek out targets at a variety of research facilities across Iran.

Some Little Satan combat aircraft will attack Iran’s power lines with special-purpose munitions that use chemically treated carbon fibres to short-circuit transformers and switching stations to knock out Iran’s power grid.

Black Hawk helicopters (possibly taking off from disused Soviet air bases in Azerbaijan) will deposit Little Satan"s  commandos, disguised as members of the Iranian military, outside the Parchin military complex near Tehran, and bomb-equipped dogs will penetrate deep into fortified tunnels at other sites.

A wave of cyber attacks will disrupt Iranian computer and anti-aircraft targeting systems.
  Nonprofit jawflapping betwixt Preacher Command and 6 world powers — Great Satan, Great Britain, France, China, Russia and Deutschland — scheduled to begin in Constantinople next Friday could be like the very last chance to avoid a full-fledged fracas.

Since 44 and the Highest Levels of Little Satan Command have LOL"d the sorry, inappropriate critical thinking free meme of 'Containment" 
 Academics, analysts, military strategists, diplomats and politicians are all reviewing recent reports that depict potential war scenarios and try to assess the implications of an Israeli or U.S. military option.
Like the Brookings Brothers say - 
 “Unless Iran pauses its uranium enrichment activities, an Israeli or U.S. strike against its nuclear facilities looks likely by next year.”
 And if Little Satan attacks Iran, even against the wishes of Great Satan, it could, ultimately, draw American troops into the ME to finish the gig.

Pic -  "Guns Of August II"


PacRim Jim said...

EMP. Stat. Repeat as necessary.
First smart bomb target: Gom, the religious center of Iran. Once the head mullahs realize that they are the target, Iran will deal.

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