Thursday, April 5, 2012

Arrogance And Nat"l Interests

"Whale, see - since I dumped him - Imma gon get alla my friends to unfriend him..."

Talk about worrying about the wrong thing...

Not unlike this curiously boring assetted  inappropriate handwringing expose about Great Satan and her hot democrazy promoting meddling machinations: 
"...Perhaps there’s merit in stepping back just a bit and seeking to look at it from the perspective of the receiving country..."
Whoa! Stop right there mon frer. 

Simply put - there is simply no merit whatsoever in considering the tho"ts and feelings of faux democratic autocrazies, corrupt royalty in Ray Bans or girl hating military dictatorships (many of which would collapse over a long weekend sans foreign aid) to put it simply.

As previously previewed  
 Nothing less egalitarian, tolerant societies with an off the hook lit rate, a penchant for periodic xparent elections, a free, open press, a military under civie command, an independent judiciary under lected gov oversight and a nat"l treasury under public scrutiny will do

 Anything else is just asking for trouble.. 
And while democrazy promo may indeed be many things - arrogance ain"t on list ya"ll. 

Arrogance is insisting on a fakebelieve meme that unelected regimes as just as bona fide"d as elected govs!

As best understood doing democrazy on a global scale is Great Satan"s Nat"l (make that internat"l bay bee!!) Interests. And Great Satan shouldn"t be 'even handed in her dealings with the world either - au contraire -she should be radically tilted towards her hot delights, deigns and desiring interests.

Confusing unfun and unfree societies and their tender sensitive feelings is yet another sorry example of the sad, failed, played out realpolitik type thinking that everything in nation/stateland is equal. 

Actually, it would be way more helpful to consider 'Which one of these things is not like the other?' 

Relativism is a dangerously retarded "easy going belief that all points of view are equal (hence none really worth passionate argument, deep analysis or stalwart defense) and (which) then (xforms) into the strident belief that anyone who argues for the superiority of a distictive moral insight, way of life, or human type is somehow elitist or immoral." 

Despotries killed more of their own citizens than foreigners. Despots caused the refugee flows; despots caused the poverty; despots caused all of the problems of the 20th century.
Look at the current crop of dictators running from North Korea through China in an unbroken arc through Central Asia, Pakistan, the Middle East, North Africa, and down to Angola, with three dictatorships: Belarus, Haiti, and Cuba; if you look at that those 43 men, no women (there are no lady grrl dictators happy to report); look at what they are doing today—once again they are the cause of refugee flows; they are the cause of terrorism, direct and indirect; they are the cause of wars; they are the cause of poverty, in Africa, particularly, but also in the Middle East, where the World Bank recently has shown that if you could have normal governance, democratic governance in the Middle East, that there would be a real spurt in economic growth as well. 
Despotries are the root of all of our problems. They are together and individually the major security threat to Great Satan, to their neighbors, and to the world.

Great Satan's driving desire should be to eliminate every last bloody one of them (only 43 of them!) by 2025

An also added benefit (which is also absolutely true) is the hap hap happy coincidental coincidence that a gig like democrazy promo is not American or even the wicked woman worshipping Western - it's Universal kids
"Our ultimate weapon is not our guns, but our beliefs. (Applause.)
"There is a myth that though we love freedom, others don't; that our attachment to freedom is a product of our culture; that freedom, democracy, human rights, the rule of law are American values or Western values; that Afghan women were content under the lash of the Taliban; that Saddam was somehow beloved by his people; that Milosevic was Serbia's savior."
"Ours are not Western values. They are the universal values of the human spirit, and anywhere -- (applause) -- anywhere, any time ordinary people are given the chance to choose, the choice is the same: freedom, not tyranny; democracy, not dictatorship; the rule of law, not the rule of the secret police".

Pic - "Exporting democrazy is like the most best basis for Great Satan"s FoPo. B!tches"


Michal said...

On the whole a very laudable article, I couldn't agree more. There's too many cooks running around, spouting the propaganda of totalitarian regimes. Putin, the Egyptian Junta and all the rest can wring their hands over american NGOs all they want, and I'm a little shocked each time I hear someone taking authoritarian governments seriously.

Still, some sobriety might not be a bad thing, considering the consequences of what suddenly collapsing dictatorships sometimes bring with them, e.g. in Iraq (or if that's too recent, think France 1792.

Yet, on the whole, +1.