Monday, May 4, 2009


French paper L' Express leaks that Little Satan's Air Force has been making practise runs to Gibralter and back.

"The Israeli air force aircraft have made recently air refuelling exercises between Israel and Gibraltar. 3 800 kilometres-this manoeuvres field would confirm that IDF is preparing air strikes on key Iran facilities in the event that Tehran remains persistant in refusing to negotiate with the international community on the nuclear dossier."

Perhaps Little Satan's military intelligentsia believe that the leaking of such preparations serve as an important element of deterrence regardless of whether or not Little Satan has actually decided to strike if it determines that a diplomatic solution to the Iranian nuclear program has become impossible.

Jerusalem Post reveals that Little Satan's air force and their stock of Arrow and Patriot missile-defense systems have recently begun spending one day a week on duty to sharpen their skills, amid fears that in a conflict with Iran, dozens of long-range missiles would be fired at Little Satan.

Yet all this is tired old news right? Nothing has changed has it?


"Regionally, a nuclear-armed Iran would in short order compel both Egypt and Jordan to abrogate their peace treaties with Israel. The exposure of the Iranian sabotage ring in Egypt last week makes clear that Iran seeks to either overthrow or dominate the Arab world with its nuclear arsenal."

"If Iran becomes a nuclear power, roundups of Iranian agents like the one in Egypt will be inconceivable. Iranian agents will be given free reign both regionally and worldwide."

The upcoming hook up betwixt BiBi and 44 in DC on May 18th will be a significant indicator of the shape of things to come.

It's called anticipation.

Pic - "Anticipation" by mxDpi with Estella Warren