Monday, May 18, 2009

Future Palestine

Palestine. Two state illusion - or as the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan's King Abdullah recently heinzed it -- - the "57 State Solution".

While a peaceful democratic tolerant society featuring the most literate Arabs on the face of the earth with a history of voting in transparent, periodic elections would certainly be cool - there seems to be little evidence it would happen.

Haifa University's recent survey revealed that 41 percent of Israeli Arabs recognize the right of Little Satan to exist as a Jewish and democratic state, compared to 65.6% in 2003.

About 53.7% of Israeli Arabs recognize the right of Israel to exist as an independent state, compared to 81.1% who recognized that in 2003.

In fact, it could be said Little Satan doesnt really have anybody to negotiate with in good faith. All the Palestine sites are not so much about running a real government or building a cool place to call home - they are all about blood, revenge and continuation of their UNWRA funded victimistic mentality.

Since Nazi time Deutschland and Imperial Japan screamed "God! Please! Stop!" there have been born more than 100 nation states and the movements of hundreds of borders. Border moving - seldom agreeable to everyone - yet nation states accepted them as a settled border was better than war.

Germany reconciled herself to the loss of Prussia, Russia acknowledged the secession of Kazakstan and Serbs are handling the idea of Kosovo.

Even in 3rd world states gave up treasured aspirations rather than shed blood forever - Somalia gave up Ogaden, Guatemala stopped demanding Belize and Indonesia finally gave up East Timor.

There is one glaring, bizarro conspicuous exception to this willingness to accept facts - no matter how disappointing they are.

Perhaps the greatest - and sole - obstacle to an ME peace deal is the feeling of certain elements in Arab League and the Mohammedist bloc that any turf that was once theirs can never legitimately belong to anybody else.


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Winston said...

thugs dont deserve to have their own state.

Findalis said...

There has never been a Palestinian people, or nation on this planet.

There is a $1 million prize to anyone who can prove that there was.

Plus the letter sound for 'P' does NOT exist in Arabic.