Friday, May 29, 2009


The fallout from certain Think Tank Hanks and their bona fided missuses develops a life of it's own - almost.

It may be the blatant straw men the Leverettes deploy that Time Magazine picked up with a "Blame America First" meme.

"Is 44 Leading Great Satan to War with Iran?" or something like that.

Essentially - Great Satan's Especial Envoy to Mullahopolis (an expert in detecting non profit jaw flapping) Dr Dennis Ross (oh - he got game baybee! ) is running out the clock on Iran in a wicked pre game pre emptive Regime Change.

This is totally Bass Ackwards.

Dr Michael Singh brought it up a while back responding to Dr Michael Mandalbaum's piece at Middle East Strategy/Harvard:

"Anti-Americanism is a pillar of the Revolution, and any acknowledgment by Iran's rulers that one facet of Revolutionary ideology is anachronistic risks challenging the entire system."

Chopping through the wreckage of the Leverettes suspect piece reveals it's not Great Satan or any of her envoys that is driving towards war.

It's the mullahs.

Art - "Wreckage" by Skan Srisuwan


mauryk2 said...

Dear Courtney, You're getting to be as mean as advertised. First, you want to deprive the poor North Koreans of their rice bowl, i.e. arms & narcotics trade. Now you want to deprive the poor Iranians of nuclear heat & electricity when their oil runs out. How Mean! But I must admit: I'm a radical critic of American policy but I don't trust the mullahs either.

Findalis said...

The strange thing is that 44 isn't leading the Great Satan to war with Iran, they will except their nukes. 44 want to go to war with Little Satan. It would please the Muslims to no end.

dave in boca said...

Nice blog!! You forgot how the NorKs help our economy with their excellent rendition of Ben Franklin on counterfeit bills. Do they get a pass on that?

Plus Iran has the most natural gas in the world [except for FSR countries], plus its huge oil supply still has no refineries worthy of turning it into gasoline! Iran imports as much gasoline as it refines to keep the horrendous traffic jams in downtown Tehran in perpetual slo-mo condition.

BTW, wasn't ME109 a German fighter plane called the Messerschmidt during a long-ago conflict I recall the Great Satan winning over bizarre feisty socialist experiments in Deutschland?