Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Special Delivery

Way back in the Comrade Papa Arafat days - before the rise of HAMAS and the fall of the sons of Fatah - Iran sent an especial package to the Strip. 50 tons of explosives, anti tank missiles and K'Tusha 122mm rockets carefully fitted in especially created cannisters (for flotation and collection) by the super secure work shops at Persia's Bandar Abbas Naval Base.

Alas, Little Satan's seaborne commandos intercepted the goodies onboard the Karine A, on or about 00:00 Hours 3 January 2002 in the Red Sea.

Ancient history. OTOH, recent events may be interpreted that Iran's Strip Express is back in biz - this time with an armed convoy to protect wicked booty.

Let's review:

Great Britain's Times leaked that Great Satan's task Force 151 really wasn't hanging out in scary pirate infested waters to catch pirates only.

Task Force 151 was really cruising to inflict a bruising on the on the hunt for Revo Guard cats seeking the southern wing of the shia crescent from Persia to the Red and Med seas

"...Iranians are attempting to smuggle munitions from the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas, where the arms shipments are loaded onto commercial vessels."


"Once in the Red Sea the cargo is taken on one of two routes. The first is to dock in Somalia and Sudan, where professional smugglers carry the cargo overland to Sinai. In Sinai, Bedouin specialists smuggle the shipment into Gaza through the notorious border tunnels."

Exactly what Iran is attempting to ship into the Strip is certainly open to conjecture - though a good bet is probably more of the projectiles that Little Satan recently interdicted in Sudan - the Fajr 5 missile.

Fajr-5 missile is launched from a mobile platform (which is awful truck looking btw), she supposedly has a range of between 60-70 kilometers.

45 miles for the unmetrical.

Fajr 5 is constructed by the Iranians, reportedly with help from NoKo and China.

Just like Katyusha and Scud, max range is only accurate to like a radius of around one kilometer. There are unconfirmed though believable reports that Iran has tested a chemical warhead for the Fajr-5.

Addition of Fajr 5 into the Strip (chemical Warheads or not) is scary indeed. Little Satan's tender and sensitive goodies could well be in range of such a launch from the Strip.

Not to mention the only target HAMAS seems to go for - innocent civilians.

Which may explain Little Satan's recent practice drills - about getting rocketed from all sides.

And it may also explain why Iran has sorteed Six Iranian warships along with their attendant ships

Commander of the Iranian Navy, Real-Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, said on Monday that "six warships and support vessels have been dispatched to the Gulf of Aden region and international waters."

The cover story is to fight pirates.

The Iranian Flotiila may instead be an armed escort for an especial delivery.

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Anonymous said...

spot on courtney - and scary as well. with or without the chemical warhead.

Winston said...

u r a great story teller. you could very well be the next female version of Tom Clancy

Skunkfeathers said...

May Little Satan "accidentally" intercept and invert the especial shipment to the bottom of the Gulf of Aden. And if the Iranian warships wind up there, too?

Danged pirates ;)

Anonymous said...

What's with the "especial"?

Anonymous said...

especial - Middle English, from Anglo-French — more at special
Date:14th century

: being distinctive: as a: directed toward a particular individual, group, or end (sent especial greetings to his son) (took especial care to speak clearly) b: of special note or importance

: unusually great or significant (a decision of especial relevance) c: highly distinctive or personal

: peculiar (had an especial dislike for music)

d: close, intimate (his especial crony) e: specific, particular (had no especial destination in mind)

synonyms see special

— in especial : in particular

grammar police - lol said...

To Anonymous ;



Formal same as special [Latin specialis individual]
USAGE: Especial and especially have a more limited use than special and specially. Special is preferred to especial when the sense is one of being out of the ordinary: a special lesson; he has been specially trained. Special is also used when something is referred to as being for a particular purpose: the word was specially underlined for you. Where an idea of pre-eminence or individuality is involved, either especial or special may be used: he is my especial (or special) friend; he is especially (or specially) good at his job.

In informal English, however, special is usually preferred in all contexts."