Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pic Tricks

Release the pics. No, don't release the pics. The recent discombobulation about pics taken showing what all happens when creeps, intolerant murderous girl fearing jerks fall into Great Satan's enhanced clutches has stirred a bit of conjecture.

And all of it is wrong. Incorrect and totally misses the point.

Certain cats maintain that it's all about 44's domestic agenda - the admin wants to move on universal health care - not waste their substance on what all happened way before Surge.

Or, that 44 realized his top generals were against granting al Qaeda and other rejectionists using pics to recruit the easily confused into charging into similar Kodak moments.

Those analyses may be too gracious.

It may be all about 44.

Consider: What would be the result of unleashing pics of hapless intolerants being shamed, tormented, mocked and then chucked on the pile of Great Satan's enemies?

Especially when 44 is supposed to hit Pyramidland (arguably the most "Yay! 44!") hood in all of Arab League to do an address to unfree lands?

Well, for starters - it would unleash probably over a million mohommedist brotherhood protesters. Former sympathizers would become supporters, supporters would become nigh unhinged and might even spark a rebellion in Egypt - already engaging Iran in a not so covert covert battle to maintain their sunni ness against Persia's brand of shia ism.

Any pic tricks would be bad PR for 44 overseas.

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