Friday, May 1, 2009

Era Error

Despite all the 'What the heck?!' about the recent fubar photoshop op

over NYC's sunny sunny skies, 44's flyby and buzzing Ground Zero signals a return to the 10 Sept mindset.

In those days, Great Satan was safe as milk - foreign terrorists acted out against Her far, far away.

911 changed all that.

Kiss and tell about enhanced interrogation techniques, torture, pics, closing Gitmo and making Top Secret stuff available to anyone - friend or foe is only part of the signal.

American Exceptionalism - the open, arrogant, humble admission that Great Satan really is great -- especial -- the only one of Her kind -- is like the 911 Era.

"American exceptionalism: It does not teach that we are without sin or that we cannot learn. It teaches that against the backdrop of history, no country has freed, fed or inspired more people than the United States.

"No nation has contributed more to science, culture or enlightened thought."

"We have built that legacy with a devotion to liberty and leadership unmatched in modern times.

"Today, that magnificent view is dismissed as tired jingoism. This new era requires America be brought down several notches, laid low by the frustrations and envies of rivals, taught a lesson about excessive pride. Our president is more than glad to direct us to this new humility.

It is evident in his foreign policy, which kowtows to tyrants and comforts terrorists with the assurance of an America ready to step down as alpha male to become just another animal in the pack.

"We are led today by people who see the United States as merely the name between Ukraine and Uruguay on the United Nations lobby directory."

Such unexceptional thinking may actually bear an uncool cost

"The consequences will be felt in damage to American prestige. As much as liberals like to claim that Bush "squandered" America's reputation, Obama is doubling that offense by setting up his country -- rhetorically and materially -- to be overtaken by other powers on the international stage.

"It's paving the way for America's decline."

Remarkably enough -- some alledgedly savvy cats actually cheer this on

"Indeed, we ought to apologize. When it comes to avoiding the repetition of sin, nothing works like abject contrition. We should, therefore, tell the people of Cuba that we are sorry for having made such a hash of U.S.-Cuban relations for so long. President Obama should speak on our behalf in asking the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki for forgiveness.

"He should express our deep collective regret to Iranians and Afghans for what past U.S. interventionism has wrought.

"The United States should do these things without any expectations of reciprocity. Regardless of what U.S. officials may say or do, Castro won't fess up to having made his own share of mistakes. The Japanese won't liken Hiroshima to Pearl Harbor and call it a wash. Iran's mullahs and Afghanistan's jihadists won't be offering to a chastened Washington to let bygones be bygones.

"No, we apologize to them, but for our own good -- to free ourselves from the accumulated conceits of the American Century and to acknowledge that the United States participated fully in the barbarism, folly and tragedy that defines our time. For those sins, we must hold ourselves accountable."

Totally suspect and in a way almost -- well -- UnAmerican.

"...virtually unique among the nations of the world, and for this reason we have been often misunderstood.

How could a country so rich and successful be so unselfish and caring? We must have darker motives, critics say. We must be seeking to create an empire, to dominate everyone else, to grab the oil or the trade or whatever else for our own selfish purposes.

"People from more grasping, less-idealistic societies find it impossible to accept that we honestly believe that giving everyone opportunity is the recipe for abundance and happiness everywhere, not merely in the favored reaches of the United States of America.

"We honestly believe that securing other people’s freedom is the best guarantee that we can keep our own. We do not want to dominate the world. We want to live our lives in peace, and we hope other peoples will do the same. We go out into the world to redress errors, to stop unacceptable behavior, to challenge threats to our island and our liberty. When we have settled the problem, we want to go home, not stay and build an empire.

"This has led Americans to conclude that ours is the only nation that will actually go into the world and strike down evil. We were encouraged when Britain and Australia especially, but also some Continental nations, lined up with us.

"But we know that they would do little without the active determination of the United States."

Officially, 44 may close the door on the 911 era -- the quiz is --911 Era may have a foot in that door.

"Obama I has continued to apologize for the U.S. being arrogant and dismissive of Europe. He thinks we have been inconsiderate to Mexico. And, judging by a speech he gave in Prague, we apparently carry a special burden to eliminate nuclear weapons since we ended World War II by using them.

"Obama II gave the green light to execute suspected Somali pirates who were holding an American hostage. And in the case of our continued Predator drone attacks in Pakistan, such bombings are a little more extreme than waterboarding known terrorists."

Post American Exceptionalism though is an entirely different critter
. The world is full of intolerant, murderous, illegit regimes, creeps and killers.

"For these reasons, we must dominate the political life of this planet, and we must keep an invincible military as an ever-present deterrence."


Winston said...

I wonder what 44 thought when he heard about attacks in NYC, Pennsylvania and DC. I bet he didn't think/share the same feelings like me and you did.

AmPowerBlog said...

You're good to go, Courtney!

Seane-Anna said...

The libtards really do believe that America is the problem and needs to apologize just for existing. I think that's why they hate "torture" at Gitmo so much, because it WORKED and saved the lives of people the libtards don't believe worthy of saving, namely, Americans.

James S Robbins said...

Pretty darned great Courtney, you should be advising the higher ups!