Saturday, May 23, 2009


"California - Rest in Peace - Simultaneous Release
"California - Show your Teeth -- She's my priestess - I'm your priest"

While the Golden State's fiscal wolf cries are kinda like Palestine's -- totally 'So What?" an interesting wet dream for Poli Sci Guys is unfolding:

Split up California into 4 brand new States!

If California were anywhere else -- UN would prob be talking about deploying blue helmets and prepping for new elections

But theoretically the state is salvageable, if only because the state could both afford higher taxes and reduce state spending. Spending is far from bare-bones levels, and state employees are extremely well paid.

Breakingviews actually proposes a much more radical solution, which is breaking California up into 4 distinct states (seriously). Think of it like good bank/bad bank, but for states.

Actually it's a little different. The idea is not that this will solve the state's financial problems, but that it will split it into four coherent political units, which would be:

San Diego/Orange County/Inland Empire (socially conservative, Hispanic, heavily military)

Greater LA (Hollywood and Hispanics, very liberal)

San Francisco/Silicon Valley (Liberal, but very dynamic and market oriented)

Central (Conservative, Kansas-like)

Cali has had this kinda talk before - several times.

Wonder what Dr D at AmPow thinks!

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AmPowerBlog said...

You're hot over here! And I got you all linked up, "Full Metal Saturday: Marisa Miller".

Seane-Anna said...

Break up Cali?! Not sure I can hang with that. There's a little discussed notion of dividing Texas up into four or five states, too. Not having it! I like the Lone Star state just the way she is. I'd rather see my state secede from the union than be carved up like a turkey at Thanksgiving. I think Cali should stay ONE.

Anonymous said...

big difference between TX and CA....TX can balance a check book AND keep the politics in check. CA, on the other hand, is a socio-pathic child when it comes to tightening the belt, paying taxes and cutting services.