Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Malign Influence

Dr.'s Hillary Mann Leverett and her other half Dr Flynt Leverett are more than a hot item among Great Satan's Think Tanks, Ex Admin players and Foreign Policy/ Internat'l Relations cats.

They are also a malign influence in Great Satan's national and internat'l interests.

Dr Flynt wrote the essential "Inheriting Syria" and really laid out the facts.

Dr General President For Life Bashar al Assad may have been the recipient of accidental regime change but his regime is weak, wicked and fiddles about with terrorists, WMD -- while buddying up to Great Satan's sworn blood enemy - the most proficient serial killers and tormentors of Americans til 911 time - the Iranian created Hiz'B'Allah.

Not to mention - - bombing a sister Arab states semi democratic political cadre out of existence - - hosts several al Qaeda cells, Iraqi bound suicide bombers and allowed one of the most wanted men in the world to hang all safe as milk in Damascus (until a 'mystery blast' incinerated Muganiyah as a sexyful St LinkValentine's Day gift! -- Better than chocolate)

Dr Flynt's book is OK til he reaches the conclusion: Great Satan should initiate a bizarro Fan Club outreach to Bashar and help his pitiful Palestinian abusing slave trading regime realize regional ambitions.

What the heck? Is this a joke?

Nope, that cat is dead serious.

His better half - Dr Hillary Mann Leverette doesn't really bother much with Syria - sucking up to Iran is her baleful baby.

Foreign Policy pubbed her "Sure He's Crazy - So what?" take a while back on why chatting up Iran's fiery little rocketeer was cool - desirable even. Stuff like Iran being the parasitical pirate mommie ship for a host of terrorist orgs is really all Great Satan's fault:

"Iranian policy needs to be understood in the context of the Islamic Republic's asymmetric national security strategy. Proxy actors -- political, paramilitary, and terrorist -- in neighboring states and elsewhere give Tehran tools to ensure that those states will not be used as anti-Iranian platforms, providing the Islamic Republic a measure of strategic depth it otherwise lacks.

"Most problematic, the (willful?) failure of U.S. foreign-policy elites to understand the calculations motivating Iran's actions toward its proxy allies has profoundly distorted discussion in the United States and elsewhere of alleged Iranian ties to al Qaeda. Indeed, this failure has cost the United States opportunities to enlist the Islamic Republic as a potentially formidable partner in the fight against terrorism."

YAWN. Sorry Doc - perhaps Great Satan's intelligentsia really does get it and they really don't give a flying Imam about Persia's unelected, gay free, girl fearing police state regime and their regional aspirations.

Currently - the Leverettes are stymied. Despite years of advocating a suck up hook up with creepy murderous power players in unfree and unfun lands.

Check out the hissing dissing hissy fit they jointly threw in the NY Times:

"More broadly, President Obama has made several policy and personnel decisions that have undermined the promise of his encouraging rhetoric about Iran.

"The problem begins at the top, with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. As a presidential candidate, then-Senator Clinton ran well to the right of Mr. Obama on Iran, even saying she would “totally obliterate” Iran if it attacked Israel.

"Since becoming secretary of state, Clinton has told a number of allies in Europe and the Persian Gulf that she is skeptical that diplomacy with Iran will prove fruitful and testified to Congress that negotiations are primarily useful to garner support for “crippling” multilateral sanctions against Iran.

"Secretary Clinton does not have broad international support for sanctions that would come anywhere close to being crippling.

"More significantly, this posture is cynically counterproductive, for it eviscerates the credibility of any American diplomatic overtures in the eyes of Iranian leaders across the Islamic Republic’s political spectrum. "

Oh Snap!! Say it aint so! Only it is so!

"Even more disturbing is President Obama’s willingness to have Dennis Ross become the point person for Iran policy at the State Department. Mr. Ross has long been an advocate of what he describes as an “engagement with pressure” strategy toward Tehran, meaning that the United States should project a willingness to negotiate with Iran largely to elicit broader regional and international support for intensifying economic pressure on the Islamic Republic."

"In conversations with Mr. Ross before Mr. Obama’s election, we asked him if he really believed that engage-with-pressure would bring concessions from Iran. He forthrightly acknowledged that this was unlikely."

"Why, then, was he advocating a diplomatic course that, in his judgment, would probably fail? Because, he told us, if Iran continued to expand its nuclear fuel program, at some point in the next couple of years President Bush’s successor would need to order military strikes against Iranian nuclear targets. Citing past “diplomacy” would be necessary for that president to claim any military action was legitimate."

"Based on our own experience negotiating with Iranians, and our frequent discussions with Iranian diplomats and political figures since leaving the government, we think that it will take a lot more to persuade Tehran of America’s new seriousness."

Thankfully - doesn't look like 44 is suseptible to possible enemy agents, enablers or their malign influence.

Art "Dennis Ross is driving Great Satan straight to war with the wonderful theocrats in Tehran despite Dr Hillary Mann Leverette and Dr Flynt Leverette's best efforts"