Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cool Under Fire

"If you were in a position of authority and watched Americans jumping out of 80-storey buildings because these murderous tyrants go after innocent people then you would have determined to do anything you could that was legal to prevent that happening."

Former Madame Sec and NSA girl Dr Condoleezza Rice sweetly chops her way through an immense moronic minefield of inappropriate handwringing, faux righteousness and brainwashed sissy bullies leaving behind a smoking junkyard of wrecked Great Satan hating fallacies, fools and memes.

James Mann's essential "Rise of the Vulcans" that chronicles "America's stand ins to the world" like Armitage, Cheney, Powell, Rice, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz, puts it best even years, later.

Critics of Gitmo, enhanced techniques and Great Satan

"...were not responsible for American security after New York City and Washington were attacked by terrorism."

"The Vulcans were."

Check out her authority, charm and no nonsense matter of fact jack catitude when she asides exactly WHO was responsible for failing to get detainees their day in court.

Shout Out to Winston for turning me on to this


Right Truth said...

Grace under fire Courtney, that's what Condi does time after time.

Thanks for the hat tip.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Skunkfeathers said...

Condi turning aside these ignorant minds filled with progressive mush was, for Condi, like shooting fish in a bucket. Easy as could be ;)

James said...

Nice tag. Part of me actually wishes Pelosi gets her way and we get public hearings - it seems that's what it will take for folks to reach back and recall the circumstances post 911, the overwhelming sensation of being attacked and the incontrovertible right to reach outside of the US to defend our security. Our media was pathetic in their reaction to BHO's 747 fly-by last week, but if it proved anything, it is that public complacency around terrorism is barely skin deep. Talk to anyone who was downtown - the mood was very reminiscent of 911.

Jeff said...

Nice video. It's almost surreal to watch people mouth off without apparently knowing enough about the subject. Rice put that knuckle head in his place. Second, it's very clear some of these people have forgotten the environment after 9/11. I guess the death of 3000 Americans has faded from their memory. ADD has set in. Dealing with people like this confirms the need to carry around pies to slam in their face. Now that would be worth watching over and over.