Monday, August 30, 2010

Arab League 2010

Oh! It's true bay bee!

44's hook up with Little Satan, the old school Fatah Palestine twin, Wahabbi Arabia and Jordan are predestined to be about as successful as a girl getting liquored up before nairing her legs.


Uh, tell us somethng we don't know - all the cool kids totally get it.

Hooking up with all these players and hanging with the Hostess with the Mostess is a sexyful signal that Great Satan is trying to pre empt Arab street cred.

And Arab Street cred is soooo weak. Seriously, Persia and Turkey are the champions for Arab League - as their own 'cunning' leadership cadre is worse than incompetent - they could be 'scribed as non compos mentis

While it's never cool to mock the afflicted - there may be times when poking it with a sharp stick is ok - at least figuratively. After all - the main proving proof of life is the response to stimuli

And perhaps nothing in the collection of nation/states au courant deserves a swift sharp stick to see if it's still alive as the collection collectively nom d'guerr'd as Arab League.

"...Arab world is defined by top-heavy states where small groups of men surrounded by many soldiers make decisions without seriously consulting their fellow citizens.

"...This legacy is firmly supported by major foreign powers who see “security and stability” as critical priorities in this region, by which they mean that Israel should remain dominant, Arab nationalists and Islamists should be fought and diminished, and security-minded Arab governing elites should rule forever.

"...This translates into a perpetual cycle of mostly disempowered and disenchanted Arab nationals who never get to experience the thrills of true and full citizenship – participation, accountability, opportunity, transparency.

"...They share in transforming their states into shopping malls, their identities into categories of security clearances, and their humanity into unthinking automatons who wave the flag on command, cheer on cue, and otherwise restrict the exercise of their rational, emotional and creative human dimensions to subservience, acquiescence, and obedience in the political and social spheres.

"...Religion helps many such dehumanized Arabs cope with their constraints and discomforts. Emigration is a solution for some. Most people simply adjust to life in modern non-democratic states where the two most prevalent public manifestations of collective norms are in the domains of security and consumerism.

"...In “secure” Arab societies like Jordan, Kuwait, Syria, Egypt, Tunisia and others like this them that do not suffer the chronic violence of Yemen, Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq, the ubiquitous symbols of Arab statehood and citizenship are guns in the hands of police and army personnel, and cell phones in the hands of all other nationals.

"...This is another kind of unstable statehood, one whose vulnerabilities do not appear in the open as they do in those other Arab countries engulfed by fighting.

Oh, but they will!

Pic "Feeling so small down in a hole, losin my soul"


Rusty Walker said...

Great stuff! gSgF!!Keep it up, refreshing, brief, to the point,

"Arab street cred" ...cute...cute!

LOVE the gun in the cutout jeans; gotta love a girl protecting herself while looking sexy!

Anonymous said...

Clever how you didn't quote the Star's writer on outside interference.

Anonymous said...

Amazing you missed that she DID quote it about outside interference, Anonymous.

Her mention of Iran and Turkish competition for Arab leadership is spot on.