Saturday, August 7, 2010


Whoa! The super hot! OO (pronounced like the 'oo' in shampoo) is way diff than 'targets of opportunity' (like a party chock full of good looking, educated and financially heavy young people).

"OO" is more like a gallant consort in position to chauffeur 3 slightly inebriated sorority grrls a - ride, uh, home.

Cause it's an Operational Opportunity bay bee!

Realming the rowdy realm of the diplopolititary, "Operational Opportunities' can be used used to prevent, provoke or shape nigh future conflicts.

In the crunk and disorderly ME, the infamous Persian Crescent relies on a 'right wing' (ala v. Schlieffen) - heavily dependent on Lebanon's Hiz'B'Allah as a reinforced forward Revo Guard Division - to project non new clear power, prestige, influ and is often perceieved as functioning as a Little Satan deterrrent.

So if or when (often the same nicht war?) das 99 luftballon fliegen ala Admiral Mike versus the Mullahs - then a sweetly sharp, short and viciously violent preventive pre emption of Hiz'B'Allah may be a righteously risque raison de etre'

And for once Great Satan could actually prove Arab Street's meme that Little Satan is a vicarious predator acting on Great Satan's deigns and desires totally correct!

"....Attack Hiz'B'Allah or lure it into a war to destroy capabilities that threaten Israel’s security. Israel could also decide to degrade HbA’s capabilities in order to deny Iran a “second-strike” capability should Israel decide to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities. Israel could also use a conflict with Hiz'B'Allah as the catalyst and cover for an attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Any of 2 these circumstances could persuade Israel that a preventive military strike against Hezbollah is in its interest..."


"...In the most likely scenario, Israel could exploit what its military planners call an “operational opportunity,” that is, an attack against a convoy carrying long-range weapons or against a storage facility in Lebanon.

"...Alternatively, Israel might choose to attack facilities and weapon storage sites in Syria that it claims Hezbollah is using. The September 2007 strike against a nuclear reactor site in Syria demonstrates that Israel is willing and able to carry out such an attack.

"...Were Israel to attack Hezbollah sites in Syria, Hezbollah
could retaliate across the Israel-Lebanon border, thereby precipitating a wider war.

"...Alternatively, Israel could conduct a broader aerial campaign against Hezbollah, hitting targets throughout Lebanon as it did in 2006. Depending on how well this campaign achieved its objectives, it could be followed up with a ground invasion, which would further escalate the conflict.

The brief brief (fully crunk - natch!) also sends savvy signals that prepping for a lo down ho down with Hiz'B'Allah now includes an after the show ho diplomatic endeavor with something extra!

It's an Operational Opportunity!

Pic "Great Satan should seek an outcome of hostilities that weakens Hiz'B'Allah and opens the door for international action to enforce UN Security Council Resolution 1701."


Bartender Cabbie said...

I think I am in Love

KrAzY3 said...

I remember my confusion during the Persian Gulf war, as Saddam lobbed scuds at Israel. I asked my mom why he was doing this and she explained he was trying to lure Israel into retaliating so that American allies would change sides. It didn't make sense then and it still doesn't now, but we are dealing with a lot of nuts...

Israel has always shown remarkable patience and tolerance, but sometimes they become too restrained. It is easy to argue they are at their best when they act without concern for what others think. Israel took out Saddam's nuclear reactors that France and Italy were so kind to build for him. Clearly they did the world a huge favor with that one. Israel's initial strike against Egypt in the Six-Day war is another example of swift action to save lives.

Whatever Israel chooses to do, I have far greater confidence in their judgment regarding the necessity of force than I do with America's current administration.

AmPowerBlog said...