Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Whoa! That didn't take long!

The world's largest Collectivist nation state responds to the recent Great Satan/Nippon/SoKo war game exercise "Invincible Spirit" with a wargame exercise of her very own!

Peoples Liberation Army Air Force is breaking out with "Vanguard 2010" featuring fighter jets, spy planes, choppers and 12,000 troops from multiple Air Defense Brigades

"...Two phases from Tuesday to Saturday, will feature emergency evacuations, war planning, reconnaissance, early warning activities, ground-to-air attacks and evacuations of command posts during its first phase ending Thursday.

"...Vanguard's second phase consists of testing Chinese air defense troops' ability in fighting air units in a "complicated electromagnetic environment."

And in a very cool way - Vanguard 2010 could be interpreted that China formally acknowledges Great Satan's Global Air Dominance. When or if the balloon ever goes up - she's training to lay back and enjoy it.

At first.

Pic "By 2015 the PLA will have numerically the most formidable fleet of modern third generation combat aircraft in Asia, comprising around 350 Su-27SK/J-11s, Su-30MKK/MK2s and several hundred J-10s " with Choi Soo-young


AmPowerBlog said...

Smokin', yo!

Steven N. said...

Ok, if the Chicoms are still this dependent of Rail to get their military equipment anywhere...they might as well give up now. I mean please, 1 F-22 can halt the entire PLA from getting to the front. Haven't they heard of JDAM or SDBs?

Render said...

Steve - Where did you get that the Chinese mil were all that dependent on rail?

They have a lot of wheeled transport.

It would appear that this Chicom exercise was almost entirely air defense related.

Better hope that single F-22 mission takes place at night, because stealth does not make one invisible to the Mk. 1 eyeball. And we don't have a lot of F-22's to spare.