Thursday, August 26, 2010

Beau Coup d'état

Oh Snap!

Easily the most proficient of all regime changes is the old putsch junta manuever -

the Coup d'état

"...The coup remains the single most common form of regime change throughout the world. 14 alone attempted in 2004! "

While Land of the Pure is an expert on coup d'tats - having enjoyed more than might be their share since gaining nation/state stats way back in the last millennium (1948, for those who collect such intell), rumours always abound that the next coup is right around the corner.

Or maybe it's this corner:

"...If ever a country were ripe for a coup, it is Pakistan. The besieged government of President Asif Ali Zardari is assailed on all fronts by man-made conflict and natural disaster and there is a palpable sense in Islamabad that the return of the generals to the presidential palace would come as something of a relief."

"...However, what is different about this crisis is that, for once, the generals don't appear at all interested in taking responsibility for a country that is teetering on the verge of collapse.

"...Since winning independence in 1947, Pakistan has endured more years of military dictatorship than civilian rule. Yet on this occasion, the military appears disinclined to enter the political fray. This is partly because it is still recovering from the bruising experience of Gen Musharraf's nine-year rule.

Wheee! That's lucky!

Mainly because mommie India may coup d'état instead!

"...The military has remained loyal to its civilian masters, even during the many periods when they’ve indulged in favouritism or in procurement scams. But there are signs now that a revolt may be brewing within the uniformed services over what they see as the government's unwillingness to back them in their often bloody battle against Maoists, insurgents and jihadists across the country.

Especially the Curse of Kashmir:

"...The well-organized intifada now taking place in that state, the movement is designed to attract international intervention in the state—preferably of a military nature—similar to that which occurred in Kosovo.

"...This might seem like an outlandish idea, but the separatist leaders in Kashmir (who preach their venom openly while living in opulence) have been made to believe by their handlers in Pakistan that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Defence Secretary Robert Gates and CIA chief Leon Panetta are in favour of robust US mediation in Kashmir.

"...Such intervention, they believe, would ultimately ensure that the state would, in effect, become independent from India.

"...Sadly, each eruption of violence is followed by an increase in the volume of Delhi's largesse to the state, almost all of which gets used in the Valley and seems to end up in the pockets of the very Valley Sunnis who fan the flames. Kashmir for them has become a cornucopia, sustained by constant agitations that lead to fresh transfusions of cash, a part of which get used to initiate more trouble.

"...Those on the field say that it’s only a matter of time before a revolt takes place within the uniformed services—not just in Kashmir, but in other parts of India.

"...India's military may decide to step back to let Kashmir's political leadership and its Delhi backers face the consequences of a policy of winks and nods to pro-Pakistan elements seeking to prise Kashmir loose from India through international intervention.

Pic - "This is nothing but a creeping coup d’état by the forces of darkness, a coup that will spare no one”