Sunday, August 22, 2010

The GZM Beer Summit

Three Cordoba Lights please!

Alas, the old "Shut Up!, he explained" manuever ala Weenie Hut Juniors totally fails to get a handle on the Ground Zero You Know What, and the amazing insensitivity of certain HAMAS fanboys to tolerate anything except their own intolerant views seems awful suspect.

Perhaps, it's time to tie one on (tore up from the floor up Yo!) with a GZM Beer Summit?

"...The polarizing conflict over the proposed M'Hammedist Cultural Center in lower Manhattan has become as nasty as it is unnecessary. If leaders on all sides managed to address the dispute in a broader perspective, it ought to become obvious that Americans actually agree on both of the key issues in the debate.

"...Most Americans would welcome an obvious compromise that honors both sides to this dispute. Yes, build the mosque. And yes, find a less-controversial location.

Pic "...And get blinded out of your mind..."


Jpck20 said...

There is a rumor going around that there is a growing number of Union workers in NYC that have vowed not to work on the Mosque.

If that's the case this may be the first time I've ever supported any type of Union endeavors...

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Slice it any way you want, but certain elements are being tremendously rude and stupid for wanting to build the GZM so close to Ground Zero in New York City. Instead of using the $100 million for their proposed m'hammedist Centre, I recommend that they either donate the cash to the Pakistan Flood Relief (Red Cross - now that's irony!) or Great Satan's military so we can build more drones to kill more intolerant creeps and jerks. That would earn my respect and admiration as well as building an awesome bridge

Jpck20 said...

I do like the way you think GSG/F!!!

How about they split between the Red Cross and the GS military! A win/win in my book!

Kilo Bravo said...

I don't understand this controversy at all. Should Catholic Churches not be allowed on locations where horrific pogroms took place against the Jews? All I see are some demagogues using fear to mobilize the base before an election. Since property rights are one of the defining principles of our great republic, the only argument against this is on grounds of being "offended." Now the only way not to be offended in a free society is to be a complete shut-in and avoid any interaction. No one cared about this until just a sort time ago, right before election season. Fox News even had Mr. Rauf on as moderate Muslim guest, rather disingenuous compared to what you are seeing said about him on that network now. Linking the WorldNutDaily doesn't help the attempt to portray him as a radical, especially when there is a very good profile of him in the NYT.

I think that all the screaming about the mosque says a lot more about the people screaming than Mr. Rauf. I also do not trust the motives of the GOP, since they've suddenly discovered "feelings." It is especially unconvincing given their concerted argument against empathy in the last year. It also feels like this brouhaha would hurt our standing in the Muslim world.
We are all very aware that the vast majority of the Muslim world is very sensitive and prone to acts of insanity (i.e. Dutch Cartoons). I see a pale (emphasis on pale) shadow of this right now with the outrage about this building. I wonder why there isn't an attack on the strip club right next to Ground Zero. I mean, if we are going to say that our hurt feelings should cause an organization to trump it's property right (whether by attempted shaming or governmental force), then a strip club should definitely not be near ground zero. Thankfully we are a liberal democracy with a government based on enlightenment principles so the events are not analogous but it concerns me just the same. Anyway, I love your blog, I just don't get the reaction to this building.

Jpck20 said...

It also feels like this brouhaha would hurt our standing in the Muslim world.

Why should we care where we stand in the Muslim world? Oh, I get it, you are one of those appeasers that really thinks 'open and honest dialogue' with them would work. But Sure, go ahead and bend over for the Muslim World. See how they repay you.

It's the thought patterns like this of the Naive Liberal Idiots in this country that open the door for more attacks.

You really think the vast majority of Muslims out in the world wouldn't do some harm to the US if they had the means and capability? (luckily most of them are kept dirt poor and powerless by the very religion they so love)

If you think they wouldn't, you really deserve the fate that they have in store for you.

Kilo Bravo said...


You sure are and angry fellow aren't you? I know for a fact that I have interacted with more Muslims than you will ever see in your life due to a tour in Iraq and one in Afghanistan and am going back there in July so you can take your "appeaser" bullshit and stick it where the sun doesn't shine, damn chickenhawks.

Additionally your reading comprehension is pretty terrible, try reading again without the ridiculously hyper-emotive response.

You truly don't think it matters what our standing is in the Muslim world? Do you not even comprehend the reasons 9/11 happened?

The vast majority of Muslims that I have dealt with during COIN ops do not wish harm upon the US. If the vast majority could Talibanesque governments would be ruling the Middle East rather than attempting to overthrow said governments and establish the global caliphate. If the vast majority of Muslims wanted to harm the US our troop casualty levels would be large increments higher than they have been in these wars. Go read up on COIN before you blather more idiotic comments such as: "Why should we care where we stand in the Muslim world?" and relegating your entire argument to ad hominems. Don't think I didn't notice that you didn't touch a single point of my post intellectually but just reacted in a childish and emotional manner.

Your fear-ridden reaction to a Muslim YMCA only bolsters Al-Qaeda's message that this is a culture war with the west. This stupid controversy has been pumped up like crazy by the extremist elements in the Muslim world to prove Al-Qaeda's message. I've lost enough friends and soldiers in these wars, I don't appreciate the home front providing fodder for extremism.