Monday, August 23, 2010

Menage a Trois la Guerre

As best understood, menage a trois is a French term for a sexed up hook up with more than 2 and less than 4.

Could such naughty nom d' guerre be applied like body wax to other Worldly sitches?

That's hot!

Super spy guy Bruce Riedel (Oh! He got game bay bee!) speaks the unspeakable in diplopolititary moderne'

al Q may act out as an official unofficial proxy of Mullahopolis by striking Little Satan!

"...Al Qaeda is warning its supporters and sympathizers to prepare for a new war in the Middle East, which it says will pit Israel against Iran

Little Satan "...will stage air strikes on Iran’s nuclear installations to start. The Iranian Shia regime will try to take advantage of an Israeli attack on its nuclear facilities to seize the holy cities of Mecca and Medina by blaming Saudi Arabia for helping Israel attack.

"...In turn, the Israelis will seize territory in the Levant to establish “the greater state of Israel.” The Sunni Arab population of the Middle East will be caught between the “Jews in the Middle East and Iran in the Peninsula.”

The recent gossip about a New Improved Annapolis Awakening featuring 44's Palestine Little Satan mixer betwixt the aforementioned foes and regional powerless houses like Jordan and Wahabbi Arabia may be a carefully crafted smokescreen.

Hooking up with all these players and hanging with the Hostess with the Mostess may very well be a sexyful signal that Great Satan is trying to pre empt Arab street cred for the proxication of AQ as yet another Iranian Front.

Pic - "Iran's empire is already half built; we can't stop it now short of starting World War III."


Bartender Cabbie said...

I like the way you think (and write). You are one smart hottie.

Bhanu Tiwari said...

As soon as I found a link to the The End Of Nations story I said that GrEaT sAtAn"S gIrLfRiEnD blog's frequenters absolutely should have a chance to read this link:

Jpck20 said...

Great, now I'll I will be able to think about today at work is 3somes. Thanks GSG/F !!!