Thursday, August 19, 2010

Surge Climax


Ad hocally created several years back to combat a Ba'Athist - J!hadish Haj skipping West to East in the Land betwixt the Two Rivers, Surge was theorized in parts of the Fallujah Battle.

After Fallujah - the insurgency grew at an exponential rate, suddenly a war that seemed won with the defeat of the largest Arab army in history in 20 days seemed lost.

And after the Golden Dome Thingy was literally blasted to pieces in S'Marra, sectarian shiz went off the charts.

Iraq Study Group's smorgasbord/fruit salad bar mentioned an increase in combat cats to decisively defeat and marginalize insurgents and grant Iraq breathing space to get her act together with a consensual gov of some sort - at least on the tactical scale.

A close run thing, Surge gambled that Great Satan could defeat Iran's minions, Syrian agents, Saudi rejects, mean spirited imperial m'hammedists and any easily enticed fence sitters.

Surge totally rocked! While a hot topic at the time, Surge may be historically portrayed as part II of the Iraq War - drawing down to sucker in enemies and then bulking up to slam the trap shut - leaving dead enemies on the side of the road for a stranger to bury.

Surge took the pizazz out of the haj to caliphate the place as the strongest tribe gave birth to the Sons of Iraq.

At the height of Surge - going to Iraq for j!had was a dumb thing to do, ironically success in Iraq caused a redux of enemies in Afghanistan.

While the final scenes of Great Satan's combat ops in Iraq have another 10 days or so to go (short!), Surge climax sends a clear signal to politicans in Baghdad:

"It's your country - keep it if you can"

Pic "We Can Win" with Britney


Anonymous said...

Why aren't you on Twitter?

Jpck20 said...

Well, for better or for worse, this chapter of the GWOT is closing. Time will tell if the Iraqi's can persevere and make a go at what we've given them.

The Surge turned out to be the savior of a war strategy running aground.

My biggest beef with the way the war in Iraq was handled stems from Rumsfeld. It was his highly mistaken belief that modern countries can now win wars with smaller amounts of 'highly mobile, highly trained' troops or whatever the hell he called it.

Sorry Donald. Fail.

We should have kept in country a hell of a lot more actual Grunts and Combat Arms type people than what we did. The initial Invasion was a rousing success, the 4 years after until The Surge, not so much.

Render said...

Thanks Iraq, that was fun, need a towel?


J. said...

Yeah the Surge totally rocked...

Fast forward four years to current day:

"Of all the time and effort that we put in this country, the blood, the sweat, the tears, I wish you could see an answer within a couple of weeks or a couple of months," said the brigade's second in command, Lt. Col. Darren Wright, 42, of Dallas. "But we won't know that for another three to five years: Will all your efforts pay off?"

Some soldiers said that's unlikely.

"I hope good things come from it," said Clemens, the specialist. "But I think as soon as we leave, things are going to fall apart."

Yeah, totally worth it.

Render said...

500 tons of Yellowcake?


KrAzY3 said...

I just wish the rest of Iraq could take their lessons from the Kurds in the north. They've always been well ahead of the curve in terms of having their house in order.

Their diversity and friendly relationship towards the United States is a clear example for the rest of Iraq. They give a lot of hope to the situation.