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Kinda like those wikiliquer shotses - the regional wide unrest in the sad collective of failing nation states collectively nom d'guerr'd  "Arab League" - proves (again) daemoneoconicism is way more correct than any other school of tho't available. 

Like Pyramidland. Undying Pharoh for Life Hosni has ruled by emergency decrees for eons - since way back in the last millennium.

Aside from keeping a lid on political opposition, political fundie m"Hammedism and maintaining a very Cold Peace with Little Satan, Egypt's accomplishments are horribly embarrassing. Egypt leads the world in two things - unspeakable gender apartheid and rec'ving American Foreign Aid.

 Revolutions and inside out Regime Changin' are not unlike heavy petting - who knows where it could end up at?

"...One reason that we have to regard the prospect of an Egyptian upheaval with trepidation is that Mubarak has systematically neutered his organized democratic opposition, leaving (politcal m"Hammedism) as the most obvious alternative

"...By all appearances, the protesters in Egypt are secular democracy activists who, for their troubles, are getting beaten with bamboo sticks and having rocks thrown at them by the police. The Ikwan (m"Hammedist Brotherhood) has, so far, been sitting out the demonstrations as an entity. 

"...If the protesters were to succeed in toppling Mubarak — sending him packing to Saudi Arabia, as some of their signs suggest — it could open the way for an even less appealing regime. In a revolutionary situation, often he who is best organized, and most willful and bloody-minded, prevails.

While valid way back in the 2003 days, that may be suspect in the modern era.

Hysterical clerical regimes have proven they are totally great at preaching, deploying panty police or banning cool emo/goth hair styles, music, fun and free choice - yet totally suck at nearly any endeavor of modern statecraft.

Iran (and HAMAS too) totally queers the mix on estabbing a caliphatical Preacher's Paradise. From mismanaging the economy, dubious foreign adventures in Lebanon, Palestine and Iraq, repressing and alienating a society chock full of kids, the theocrazy preacher ran regime in Tehran has been totally discredited on live tv. 

HAMAS has shown they have nearly perfected homegrown rocketeers, and are actually quite good at starting wars, human shielding and electile phobia. They represent no one but a curious idea of a Preachers Paradise, perhaps not as corrupt as secular Arab despotries but certainly as unfun and unfree as any.

A fully crunk fundie gov may no longer be seen as an alluring mythical alternative to the wretched reality of Arab regimes in which people live - In Iran and the Strip - fundamentalism IS the wretched reality in which people live.

Most likely Undying Pharoh Hosni will crack enough heads to maintain power for another season. If the riot police chicken out, the military is called in and refuses to act out against unarmed civies in the street - anything could happen mein schatze!

And Great Satan should make it clear -it's time for him to split - sooner rather than later. 

"...Mubarak — 82 years old and up for election in the fall — that he’s now a transitional figure, and that the days of our easy tolerance for his dictatorial rule are over. Lift the emergency decrees he’s imposed since 1981, liberalize the election laws, and restore the judicial oversight of elections. If he’s not amenable, well, there’s no reason we need to keep shoveling vast amounts of aid his way.

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