Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An Eye For An Eye


A lot like pizza actually - totally delish hot or cold!

"...He knew that he was a dead man. From the moment he shot the Israeli soldier sitting on the car seat behind him in the face, he knew that they would get him sooner or later.

"...For Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, it would take 20 years for that day to come.

Der Spiegel does der Kiss und Tell about the hit that Little Satan may have done in Dubai on a HAMAS killer and rocketeer supporter - and it is smoking bay bee! 

M'Ssad's elite "Ceaserea" assassin auxiliary deployed tons of agents and enablers - 27 cats in all to take out M"moud al-Mabhouh 

"...At about noon on Jan. 20, 2010, employees at the Al Bustan Rotana airport hotel in Dubai opened the door of room 230 to find the body of a man on the bed. According to the death certificate, the cause of death was "brain hemorrhage."

"...At the time, no one knew who exactly the dead man was. Mabhouh was considered to be the chief weapons negotiator for Hamas, the Palestinian organization's main contact to Tehran and the logistician behind rocket attacks on Israel coming from the Gaza Strip.

"...A man with a pedigree like that doesn't die of a brain hemorrhage. In fact, al-Mabhouh became a marked man long ago. 

The lesson to internalize and hopefully act out on in the very near future is NOT all the jank about fakebelieve passports, internat'l outrage (yeah how's that working for the Hariri Tribunal?) or inappropriate handwringing and worrying about the wrong thing.

Consider: Certain elements alive and well in the world today have a very real blood debt to to repay - a debt that has no statue of limitations - plots, plans and preps should be drawn up and implemented.

Several that easily come to mind are Mookie al Sadr and H'San Nasr'Allah. As leaders of terrorist orgs with rivers of American blood on their hands, they, along with especial Persian al Qods cats should be on a very short list of targets that ideally could be spirited away for thorough, intense, leisured enhanced interrogation in a very uncomfortable unknown controlled environment.  

Or killed and left on the side of the road for a stranger to bury.

Either way is fine. 

Pic - "Need to be a little crazy" 


Nygdan said...

Its also worth pointing out that 'an eye for an eye' is sometimes seen as a progressive law, the punishment should fit the crime, rather than being stupidly wanton, so an assassin being assassinated shouldn't have provoked the 'uproar' that it did in the first place. If the Yehudis were /really/ evil they'd've "micro-nuked" the entire hotel.

Jubert said...

Nice... :) You've got an interesting profile. hehehe