Sunday, January 9, 2011



A sitting Congress lady gunned down. A precious little girl - born on 911 - killed along with 5 other innocent people.

Currently tons of talk about vitriolic rhetoric, intolerance and lack of friendly discourse. And the target set will most likely be the Don't Tread On Me cats, anti Health Care posse and GOP types.

And that may be a mistake.

Consider - the killer was a Mein Kampf fan boy that attacked a jewish lady.

Instead of being distraught about hip replacement surgery, taxes or out of control spending - the young gunman may have been heavily influ'd by all the 'BusHitler" and 'zionazi' jank from back in the day.

When all the America cussing was going on - a lot of kids had no clue about NSDAP Deutschland, der führer or the Little Satan Posse.
Rest assured - being around older peeps that became nigh unhinged and indulged in orgies of vitriol
were vital meds for curious kids that had to know what was happening.

It was was beyond Goth, Emo and steampunk - and it was real. And the seductive black market nat'lism soundtracks like Rammstein along with the anti war - any war - gang may have ignited a murderous spark that tea parties, tri corner hats and checking out American Revolutionaries simply could not.


A. S. Wise said...

I really hope this weekend's shooting isn't a leading indicator of bad things to come. Went to a gun show and traded in my old AR towards the purchase of a new Smith & Wesson M&P15T AR, oblivious to what was happening in AZ. Thank God for our Second Amendment rights, which are sacred and not to be infringed upon! There are enough enemies in this world that want to kill us, we don't need fellow Americans to be killing each other in violent acts of hate.