Friday, January 14, 2011

Global Reach

Oh! It's true bay bee!

Talking 'bout Imperial m"Hammedism's shock troops of the world's very first global terrorist org, able to raise, recruit and train fanboys via the interwebses and in certain hoods.

Great Satan's premier ex spy guy - the cat that put the 'ace' in deadly embrace fires off several high velocity rounds downrange about aQ and their asymmetrical evolutionary evolution au courant

Money shots include:

"...Al Qaeda today has four faces. The first is familiar: the core group that includes Bin Laden and his deputy, Ayman Zawahiri. From its base in the badlands along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, this nucleus still provides strategic direction to both the group itself and to the worldwide jihadist community. The largest manhunt in human history, which has included a punishing drone offensive, has damaged Al Qaeda's core, but it has by no means destroyed it.

"..The second face of Al Qaeda is the syndicate of terror networks aligned (either openly or covertly) with the group in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Pakistani Taliban, responsible for the failed Times Square car bomb attack last May, is openly allied with Bin Laden. Lashkar-e-Taiba, which orchestrated the Mumbai attack two years ago, is more clandestinely allied with Al Qaeda, but the two organizations are known to have plotted together on a failed 2009 attack in Denmark. 

"...That same plot resurfaced this winter when the Danes arrested four well-armed terrorists aiming to attack a newspaper office on New Year's Day because it had published cartoons mocking the prophet Muhammad.

"...The Afghan Taliban remains Al Qaeda's essential partner in Afghanistan. Although the Taliban often operates independently, it also coordinates joint actions with Al Qaeda, as in the deadly strike on a CIA base in Khowst on Dec. 31, 2009. That attack, which killed seven Americans, was a joint operation of Al Qaeda, the Afghan Taliban and the Pakistani Taliban.

"...The third face of Al Qaeda can be seen in its regional franchises around the Islamic world. These include organizations in North Africa, Yemen and Indonesia. Al Qaeda in Yemen, widely viewed as the most dangerous of the group's regional operations, staged both an attempted Christmas 2008 airliner bombing and the foiled parcel bomb attacks aimed at Chicago in October. Across the Gulf of Aden, Al Qaeda's proteges in Somalia pose an increasing danger to other parts of Africa, as they demonstrated during the World Cup when they sent a suicide bomber to Uganda. Even the much-diminished Al Qaeda franchise in Iraq continues to strike periodically and has claimed credit for an attempted suicide bombing in Sweden last month.

"...In the meantime, Al Qaeda franchises have learned from the mistakes of their sister organizations and adapted. In Iraq, for example, Al Qaeda tried to take over the Sunni insurgency and was rebuffed. In Pakistan and Afghanistan today, it lets the local Talibans lead the war effort while it stays in the shadows.

"...Self-initiated jihadists without formal ties to terrorist groups are becoming a fourth face of Al Qaeda. The massacre at Ft. Hood, Texas, was the work of one such individual. Sometimes these self-starters get in touch with Al Qaeda, usually in Pakistan or Yemen, and offer themselves as potential bombers, receiving training from the group. 

"...This was the case with three Americans who were trained by Al Qaeda in Pakistan to build bombs and planned to blow themselves up on the New York City subway system a few days after the anniversary of 9/11 in 2009, a plot that was disrupted by the FBI. But even when terrorists take on freelance missions, such as the one at Ft. Hood, they are often deeply influenced by the group's existence and its goal of global jihad.

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Anonymous said...


Do you seriously expect any male readers to concentrate on the post with that pic?

More please and keep up the good work.

Now, to RTA.

Fnord said...

Ummm, your analysis is lacking on a few wee points. You cant at the moment talk about a serious muslim uprising in Europe these days from a mil pov. There is an extensive foreign-cultural criminal netowrk in Europe (and in the US) but thats something different.

So while its true that AQ can use the diaspora s a cover, they are at he same time the best resources we have. Lodonstani at Abu M as a point.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

A'Mous! Don't blow my cover! The GsGf uh - art dept - works overtime to try and camouflage the fact the writing is so atrocious;)

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hi Fnord!

Might be correct sir. Dr R has been so right about so many things - just wanted to let him run with it