Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year!

Think 2010 was uncalled for?

Just wait til ebberdobby gets all dosed up on MMXI - It's gonna be off the hook ya'll! 

A few predictions:

Tom Ricks' "Best Defense" scores a 2nd consec win as 'best blog on earth' 

Professor James S Robbins earns a Pulitzer for "This Time We Win" 

Former General McChrystal's memoirs will be nom d'guerr'd "Super Ninja" 

AmPow will score the 2 millionth hit in 2011

Professer Steven Metz will finish up a book about Offshoring Power that makes a way more stronger case for Interventions Gone Wild than Perle and Frum ever could.

Jay at Armchair Generalist will author an impressive work about enabling Great Satan with neutronic weaponry - earning a top gig at States's International Security and Nonproliferation Bureau

Arab League will come out publicly with a plea for Great Satan to attack Iran’s new clear chicanery facilities, and do it in a way that implicitly gives the green light for Little Satan to do it if 44 is too timid. A delightful diversion, it will totally queer the mix for West Bank-settlements issue and Palestinian negotiations.

Fidel Castro will pass on to the great collectivist ash heap in the sky, Gov Christie will either get some skinny going on and or grow a stash as he and Ambassador Bolton detonate a ground swell of support for rotundency and moustaches.

Crisis in Pyramidland — What's worse, the 82-year-old Undying Pharoh For Life Hosni  jacking the presidential election for the umpteenth time, or pushing junior into office?


Captain Burke at WoI and Climb To Glory fame will become field grader Major Burke. His contribution to the new FM 3 -23 v2.0 will defy conventions with hot techniques for hooking up COIN and Drones Gone Wild. 

Spoiler Alert! Wargaming vids go viral at Milblog 2011 - featuring Wings Over Iraq and Rethinking Security reenacting Kursk (complete with the ancient Axis and Allies pieces on 'somebodies' sleek flat belly sexed up with lipstick demarcation of Prokharovka's terrain). Narrated by Render.

Pakistan will outpace Grafenwöhr as the world's largest impact area as Great Satan literally rains heckfire missiles - with zero civie casualities - that makes last September's Drone Month look like down time. 

The Pakistani Intervention of 2011 will be fully crunk with funintended consequences as Special Forces, Rangers, Seals, Marine Recon and finally, the Screaming Eagles, violently storm terrorist sanctuaries in a blitz of Writ of State sexercises. 

An especial hunter killer team led by Army Major Michael Few will capture aQ's #2, the evil Dr Z (who will appear to have bladder detonated his high water manjammies at 1st contact).

 CNAS' Panzer/Surge Expert Col Dr John Nagl will be on the short list to move over to the Pentagon when Def Sec Gates splits.

Small Wars Foundation (it's hot!) breaks all the rules - debuting 'COIN Action Figures' - inexplicably, the Colonel Gentile (with SOSH diorama/playset) becomes the most collectible.

The Ex at Abu Muqawama will start distillation and distribution of an especial brand of potently smoooooth sluggin' "Surgin' Whiskey" 

Palestine becomes a nationstate and in a wild LOL celebratory celebration, the Strip accidentally on purpose launches several errant SCUD D's - that errantly vaporize the Dome of the Rock thingy in a Nakbah redux of histrionic proportions - sparking Imperial m"Hammedism to strike something something Palestine from any future lists of grievances.

Covert dogcatchers will storm the Playboy Mansion
Silvio Berlusconi will continue to be Europe’s most entertaining sugar daddy/prime minister. Belgium will continue to be Europe’s most unnecessary country. Great Satan will continue to be the most indispensable country.

Spencer Ackerman's hot new improved "Attackerman" will begin undressing the COIN versus Hyper Puss debate - essentially saying "Hey! Let's do both ya'll!"

Lauren - the "Soft Power" girl - will outstrip all competition again, retaining her tiara (now at an amazing 32K) as the most downloaded pic of all time at GsGf

Unassing Iraq will be disregarded in hot new SOFA agreements, ensuring the ME's 1st probable Arab democrazy continues to experiment with not killing anyone who politically disagrees with each other.

Pic - "Take a chance - and don't ever look back"


AmPowerBlog said...

First comment for 2011!

Yo, Courtney ... smoke 'em!

SecondComingOfBast said...

Happy New Year, Courtney!

I'll go further than Dr. Z. I think this might be the year they get Big Bin himself, close to the tenth year anniversary of 9/11. They might capture or kill the both of them. This will be due to Hillary pulling strings in Pakistan. Or from yanking their chains in such a public way as she does so habitually and shrewishly. Naturally this will be a big plus for The Won.