Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ink Spots

Oh yes.

These cats are harder to recipp link love than the something something Foreign Policy Watch cats (decorum prohibs further extrapolation).

Any wrought,  feel free to utilize this awesomely hot! Ink Spots screensaver.

Pic - "Hey! How's that democrazy denial/despotry deconstruction diss going?"


Anonymous said...

Little one - you have certainly kicked some serious ass with Ink Spot's blog drama

Don't get cruel, be magnanimous in your victory dance

A. S. Wise said...

We might very well be witnessing a redux of 1979, this time coming from Egypt...

We know that the muslim brotherhood is involved. I fear this may turn into a huge blunder on the part of our foreign policy.

Gulliver said...

What'd we do?

Omegaclass said...

The Army must be scarping the bottom of the barrel for raw recruits.