Monday, January 10, 2011

Splitting Sudan

As the Sudanese Referendum gets ever closer to a tingly climax, the funintended consequences of such hot! plebiscital activity have super powers to ricochet far beyond Africa!

Arab League has the most to fear. Libya's Colonel President For Life recently called new nation mapping exercises to be a "...contagious disease..."

Wahabi Arabia's Prince Saud al Faisal freaked too - "...Sudan, a member of the Arab League, is facing the threat of division. No Arab League member can justify its neutral stand on the issue. We have to support Sudan to overcome these dangers”

Why not Kurdistan? 

Arab League's autocratic raison d'retarde  is actually l'cause celeb

"...Arab officialdom never parted with its principled opposition to re-drawing the region's borders but has done little to address the root causes of separatism and secessionism. Indeed, those crises are rooted as much in unsettled and disputed borders as in the failure of governance throughout the Arab world. 

"...Fixated on building strong, centralised states and perpetuating their rule, Arab leaders have failed to develop models of decentralisation and federalism more in sync with today's developmental needs.

Blaming foreign interlopers is hardly convincing - like Al Khaleej's Saad Mehio and the risible LOL theory that Little Satan is behind the Sudan split to divy up Arab League along sectarian lines.

"...Arab world has proven quite adept at dividing itself without external help. Blaming Israel and the West smacks of a desire to have scapegoats rather than progress. 

And beyond Arab League?

Armenia, Baluchistan, Chechnya - even Land of the Pure could get all split up too - as sundry separatist movements take heart from Sudan. 

"...Oh, and one other dirty little secret from 5,000 years of history: Ethnic cleansing works.  

"...Correcting borders to reflect the will of the people may be impossible. For now. But given time — and the inevitable attendant bloodshed — new and natural borders will emerge.  

"...From the world’s oversupply of terrorists to its paucity of energy supplies, the current deformations of the Middle East promise a worsening, not an improving, situation. In a region where only the worst aspects of nationalism ever took hold and where the most debased aspects of religion threaten to dominate a disappointed faith, Great Satan and her allies and, above all, her armed forces can look for crises without end. 

 Pic - "Under no circumstance should any side use proxy forces in an effort to gain an advantage while we wait for the final results"


Anonymous said...

South Sudan is going to be another African landlocked HIV infested disaster zone of a country. Number 58 I believe. Good riddance I say. Why not Kurdistan? Good riddance to them too, get rid of the moderating effect of a 20% Sunni population in Iraq, without them Iraq will be 80% Shiite, or Irans western province. I await the day of Kurdish independence. I also await the day east and south lebanon secede and gain independence

Thesis Writing said...

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GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Highly doubtful YE. South Sudan has exactly what she needs to hook up with the family of fun functional free choice democrazies:

Tons of hot resources and Xians.

And shouldn't you be busy worrying about your precious overtly girthy robust rocket rich rejectionist Body Part Collector General in Hiz'B'Allah? Getting all hissyfied and trying to collapse the last of Lebanon's sovereignity?

Anonymous said...

"Tons of hot resources and Xians" hows that working out for congo? i pulled congo at random, i could ask the same about 40 other african countries with a similiar religious/economic/ethnic demographic. dont be too shocked when south sudan doesnt turn out to be luxembourg.

Hezbollah's pretty awesome tho, they have brought freedom to a lot of lebanese. Hariri can go back to saudi arabia for all I care, and take his cronies with him. Maybe he can befriend Ben Ali, Im sure they have a lot in common to talk about