Thursday, January 13, 2011



The old state within a state stage show can swing both ways bay bee!

Check it. The rocket rich rejectionist 'resistance' movement (that, btw, seems way more better at kidnapping, terrorism and resisting a legit gov than oh, say, resisting any of Little Satan's drives to create a Greater Little Satan) has collapsed Lebanon's gov by getting all hot and bothered about UN's Hariri tribunal results.

Hiz'B'Allah took their  SCUDS and went home, dissed at the audacity of UN falling for yet more of Little Satan's hi jinkish chicanery and incoming shrapnel when Tribunal indicts Hiz'B'Allah as the proxylicious minions that literally bombed Lebanon's legit political cadre out of existence for slave trading terrorist loving unclean Basharopolis 's mad drive to restabb the olde Kuriba al Suryat 

"...The tribunal has widened rifts between Hariri, backed by the West and Saudi Arabia, and Hiz'B'Allah and its allies, backed by Syria and Iran, igniting fear among Lebanese that the country could easily spiral into sectarian violence after the indictments are announced

 Unverified gossip rumours that Hiz'B'Allah is gon use constitutional means to collapse what's left of Lebanon's Writ of State, create a vacuum that only Hiz'B'Allah can fill to maintain order and magically bust out of the cocoon totally xformed from a semi non state actor outer to a full blown terrorist nation state actor outer. 

Led by the overtly robust creepy girthy Body Part Collector General of the most proficient killers and serial tormentors of Americans since Cold War time. And beyond.

The northern horn of the old you know what crescent from Persia to the Red and Med seas, nicht wahr?

Pic - "A Policy of SCUD Ambiguity"