Monday, January 24, 2011


Everybody knows about the Nakbah - essentially a land grab by Little Satan's neighboring nation states that went horribly wrong - granting Little Satan even more real estate!

Wik Wik Wikileaks via Great Britain's
 Guardian promises to unleash hot tales and deets about Palestine, Little Satan and the forever quest for ME Peace:

"...The scale of confidential concessions offered by Palestinian negotiators, including on the highly risible thing about something something "right of return" of Palestinian refugees. And their children. And their grandchildren. And their great grandchildren

• How Little Satan privately asked for some Arab citizens to be transferred to a new Palestinian state.

• The intimate level of covert co-operation between Little Satan's security forces and the Palestinian Authority.

• The central role of British intelligence in drawing up a secret plan to crush HAMAS in the Palestinian territories.

• How Palestinian Authority (PA) leaders were privately tipped off about Little Satan's Cast Lead Strip Blitz

Most controversially, they also proposed a joint committee to take over the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount holy sites in Jerusalem's Old City – the neuralgic issue that helped sink the Camp David talks in 2000 after Comrade 'Papa" Arafat refused to concede sovereignty around the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa mosques.

"...Many of the 1,600 leaked documents – drawn up by PA officials and lawyers working for the British-funded PLO negotiations support unit and include extensive verbatim transcripts of private meetings – have been independently authenticated by the Guardian and corroborated by former participants in the talks and intelligence and diplomatic sources. 

"...Guardian's coverage is supplemented by WikiLeaks cables, emanating from Great Satan's consulate in Jerusalem and embassy in Tel Aviv. Little Satan also kept her own records of the talks, which may differ from the confidential Palestinian accounts.


The super secret concession in May 2008 by Palestinian Nakbahteers to allow Little Satan to annex choice turf in East J'lem – a focus of controversy after Little Satan gave the go-ahead for 1,400 new homes – has never been made public!

Pic - "Nakbahteers!"