Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ahmadinejad In America?

What the Yuck?

FoPo's "Turtle Bay" site - devoted to all things UN (yay) breaks a scoop!

Iran's fiery little rocketeer - the hand picked President of Preacher's Paradise is hitting the hood bay bee - going to jam it out in Great Satan!

Maybe he wants a closer look at the 'Satanic UN Veto'? Or, Swap some new clear fuel?

"The development raises the prospect that the Iranian leader may use the high-profile conference to challenge efforts by the Obama administration to rally international support for measures aimed at preventing Tehran and other potential proliferators from acquiring nuclear technology."

Pic "Great Prophet V'


Peter said...

As a general rule I do not like over the top public displays of affection. Nor do I really approve of some of the fashions like string bikinis. Perhaps that is simply my age talking but that is another story.

What we do need is a rolling boobquake, everywhere that sawed off SOB goes. Throw in a bunch of bootyshakin', too. Make the little as**ole so uncomfortable that he never wants to come back.

Render said...


Yo Pete I think you might have wanted the next floor up for ladies hosiery. This floor seem to be for Persian midget homophobe homosexuals in the closet and on tour.


Unknown said...

I think the whole focus is wrong.
It's not so much about Iran.
It's to take Israel to the cleaners,the whole thing is to get Israel get rid of his nuclear weapons.
Obama was never serious about Iran but he's serious about getting Israel.