Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Deceptive Ploy"

Like an ex parading about with their lesser version of you, the illegit regime in Tehran held their own internat'l nukey conference in homage to 44's recent yawner.

"Nuclear Energy for All, Nuclear Weapons for None" may be a catchy catch phrase, featuring cats from 60 different nations alledgedly - yet the real targets are Great and Little Satan

"Although several countries have produced and stockpiled nuclear weapons that could lead to commission of a major nuclear crime and have seriously threatened world peace, only one government has committed the ultimate nuclear offence, the United States of America"

"The deceptive ploy by the sole nuclear offender that falsely claims to be advocating non-proliferation of nuclear arms, while doing nothing substantive for this cause, will never succeed.

"If the campaign by the United States were not fictitious, could the Zionist regime refrain from accepting the rules of international law, especially the non-proliferation regime, and turn the occupied land of Palestine into an arsenal with huge stockpiles of nuclear weapons?"

Pic "Great Satan should be stripped of her membership to the International Atomic Energy Agency" by Rev Theory


Peter said...

My father made that long walk through the lagoon at Tarawa, luckily he wasn't machine gunned in the water, nor did he step in a shell hole and drown from the weight of his gear. He did get an interesting scar from a knee mortar round once he was on dry land, just before the fighting was over. This wound took him out of the fight until he joined a unit in Okinawa, training for the invasion of the Home Islands.

Had that invasion been needed the casualties, both Japanese and American would have been far more horrendous than that of all the war so far. My father was convinced that he would not have survived that campaign. He included thanking God for those two bombs on the days they were dropped every year during Grace at supper.

I am sick of waterheads of any nation complaining that we dropped The Bomb. We did and they saved countless lives. I only regret that we didn't drop a few on Moscow and a few other Soviet cities back when we had it and they didn't.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hi Peter - 1st off - your dad is an American hero - putting his life on hold to go overseas, annihilate all our enemies then return home to build this awesome place. His example of service to something larger than self is an American story.

Nuking Nippon - twice - is an easy hit for certain elements to make - though they often fail to make the connection that Okinawa, with 22thousand casualities in just 6 weeks, made a powerful case for the natural escalation of the American way of war. The kamikazes, the murder holes, the fantical death loving stance of OK's defenders are more to credit for Nagasaki and Hiroshima than America.

Peter said...

Great Satan's Girlfriend, my Pop was no more a hero in WW2 than my Uncle Gary who flew P47 Jugs in Europe, or my Aunt Eleanor who built B-25s or my Mom who went to work for the Southern Pacific Railroad then. Nor millions of other Americans who saw the problem and went to work solving it.

Like me, a generation later, he went where he was sent and did what he was told. The heroes are the men (and some women) who never came back or, in my war, won the Order of the Aluminum Box.