Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nuclear Security Summit

Whoa! Not since the rowdy free world and Russia gangtackled and ground the Axis Powers to dust way back in the last millennium has such an august gathering commenced!

"All of the world's major nuclear powers are here - Russia, China, Britain and France - along with South Asian nuclear rivals India and Pakistan. Israel, which is widely believed to possess nuclear weapons, but has never confirmed their existence, is also represented."

44's New Clear Sec met did provide sweet cover for an illicit hook up betwixt Great Satan and Collectivist China - to strip Iran of her best paying biz partner - whispering hot! sticky oiled up little promises!

Like a steady supply of you know what, if, 'Iran cut China off' in vengeful revenge for joining in crushing sanctions with a bite. And in a crazy hood like the ME where abstract commentary about 'shame' or 'honor' is hoot - imagine the shame of even China sanctioning up - to specifically pressure the same regime she just sold crowd crusher monster trucks to attack their own people - over internat'l nuclear pariahship!

Whee - the mind really reels.

As Great Satan sexed up China, Pyramidland broke out that P 5 (the five permanent members on the Security Council) should hit Little Satan up about the NPT - linking Little Satan's new clear ambiguity with Persia's nuke witchcraft:

"We are eager that we do not have a nuclear Iran, as well as we do not want to see a nuclear Israel. We want a zone that is free of nuclear weapons -- and it can be done."

Not inviting or officially recognizing NoKo as a "between one and six nuclear weapons" State - or inviting Iran was interesting - just to watch Iran holler and NoKo play possum.

Pic - 'Keeping nukes out of Iranian hands, not signing treaties with Russia, is the real path to stopping nuclear terrorism."