Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Crusader - Hindu - Little Satan Alliance

Righteous booty (intelligence wise) snatched up in covert hit and run panty raids against al Qaeda enemies in Land of the Pure are quite revealing for the enemy's mindset!

"A Crusader-Zionist-Hindu war" against M'Hammedism and M''Hammedists!

"The radicals have a point.

"The deepening relations between the United States, India, and Israel are changing the geopolitical geometry of the modern world in ways that will make the lives of fanatical terrorists even more dismal and depressing (not to mention shorter) than they already are.

Little and Great Satan "... are both in a better long term position than many Americans sometimes think; one of the main reasons is an Indian-Israeli connection that most Americans know nothing about."

"This “Zionist Hindu Crusader” alliance is a nightmare scenario for radicals and terrorists in the Islamic world.

"The emergence of closer relations between the American global superpower, the regional Israeli military, and technological superpower, and the rising superpower of India is a basic challenge to the worldview of the extremists.

"The radicals have imagined a world in which the west and especially America is in decline, Israel faces a deep crisis, and a resurgent Islamic world is emerging as a new world-historical power.

Aside from the "Clash of Civilizations' theme this also highly significant - proving a "League of Hot! Democrazies" are harbingers of future world where fun and free choice first encircle, contain, constrict and devastate scary, historically illiterate control freaks - rendering their uncool designs null and void.

Pic - "Future of Freedom"


Peter said...

If we could actually have a real war between Islam and the West, allied with India we could have peace for a dozen generations. Even better if we could somehow include China onto our side. It would be really nice if we could have this war and end it before Iran gets nukes.

HMS Defiant said...

you I'm not sure about

Render said...


Much of the Islamic world (including several nations) already thinks there is a war between Islam and the West.

India would not be all that much of a help in such a situation, they would be involved in the largest civil war in human history.

In a manner of speaking China is already on our side. Chinese loans float most of the Coalition war effort. Additionally the Chinese government is none to happy with its own internal Islamic population.

Political Islam is too disorganized and technologicaly backward to have a real war with.